Tuesday, October 01, 2013

1973-74 MV's 4th Grade Class Picture

Not sure if the missing person in this picture was removed because MV wanted them eliminated from the picture or specially honored.  Based on previous discussions on whether there were any teachers at New Vienna who had all five of the Uible children, I don't think the answer was Mrs. Hilderbrant, but at least Catherine and Mary Virginia had her for 4th grade.

The highlight of 4th grade for me was penmanship, when we got to use fountain pens.  Though the ink jars and filling of the pen reservoir was exciting, the then-recent use of ink cartridges made for much easier use of the pen and allowed for the exchange of one ink color cartridge for another color much easier.  I still have a fascination for pens and varied ink colors.

MV's (second row from top, first from left) 4th Grade Class, Mrs. Hildebrant, teacher.

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