Wednesday, October 23, 2013

1973 Catherine's letter -Oct.23

More of the bright green stationary in this 1973 letter from Maine. Transcription follows.

Tues. Evening
Oct. 23, 1973
Dear Mom, Dad, John & Mary,

Hi! Well I got letters today from Roberta, Serena & Mary. Tell Mary I'll answer her letter tomorrow. We've had some excellent weather here lately. It rained Saturday but has been sunny (altho cool) since.

 The dress arrived in plenty of time & all it needed was presses.  We went to a social hour at the St. Cyr's house before there was a dance.  There were about 6 couples there – four of which we didn't know so we got acquainted with them.  Then we went to the dance (150 couples) and there were a few people we knew.  The band was OK except we're no good at that kind of dancing.

We're watching "The President's Plane is Missing" on TV right now.  I read the book several years ago.  I don't remember too much except the ending.

Tell John good luck with his driving.  I have to take a drivers test on Oct. 31.  Written & driving and parking.  I don't think I've parallel parked since I took my first test 8 years ago. I'm going to practice this weekend.

Happy Birthday, Dad.  I had planned to send you something but I don't have it together yet.  Sorry.  Hope you have a good day though.  No snow I hope.  It's been in the 20's here but no white stuff yet.  I'm hoping we'll have a big wind to blow all our leaves away so we won't have to rake them.

Another mess we have around here is the floor in the living room which is horrible.   The vacuum sweeper isn't working properly I keep fooling with it, but to no avail yet.

You hadn't mentioned anything about the Lynd's moving.  Who is coming?  I went to a meeting last night. Something like Christian Council of Business and Professional Women.  Decided that I didn't want to join.  The meetings are held about 15-20 miles away & it costs $5.00/month (for the dinner mostly).

Well, paper & time are running out and I'm tired.

Love, Catherine & X
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