Tuesday, October 22, 2013

1982 Roberta's GCC postcard to G'ma - Oct. 22

In 1982 Roberta returned to college, taking classes at Glendale Community college, about three miles west of Senior Village. She sends this now vintage postcard to Grandma. Transcription follows.
Aerial picture of GCC c1975 looking northwest, showing Olive Ave. crossing diagonally in the bottom left. Note swimming pool which is on southwest part of campus and the partial stadium in rear of photo which is on western most part of campus.  63rd Ave. is not yet in existence, showing only a row of trees in the upper part of the picture.

CAPTIONED: The college is located on 160 acres Northwest of Phoenix.  Architecturally contemporary, with touches of Spanish and Indian, the buildings are arranged to create open spaces.  Glendale Community College regards its function as the education of the whole person and offers the individual the opportunity to pursue an education suited to his unique interests and professional or vocation objectives.
1982 Roberta's GCC postcard to G'ma - Oct. 22

[postmarked 22 Oct 1982]
Hi!  This is Where I'm at 6:30 AM - 3 mornings a week for Algebra.  Got a High 'B' on last test – Talked to the Hortons Tonight - all well w/them – heading up to see Cris.  Everyone here misses you – especially the dogs - Tobey & Charlie!!  Make plans for next summer – DELTA CRUISE!  Much Love, Roberta

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