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1973 Roberta's letter - Oct 5

 Roberta continues using her pretty yellow stationary with tiny white polka dots in October 1973; John get's his driver's permit; and Joe's siblings prepare to visit him in Africa.  Transcription follows.

October 5, 1973

Dear Family,

Hi . . . . . was good to talk to all of you last night.  Glad you waited to call back so that I could talk to Grandma too.  Also Aunt Mary came in the house in time to talk to you all.

The big news here is the Africa trip this Christmas for Rob, Cris and Mares.  Rob went today and got his first shots.  He went yesterday and applied for his passport so progress is really being made.

The Hortons just got in from the football game.  The team lost . . . . . but just by one point this time.

We also got your letter yesterday.  How about some more details about the Lynds having to move?  It's just a shame that Rev. Lynd has been so sick.

Business has slowed down alot at work.  Everyone seems to know that the big sale is going to be starting so they must be waiting.  I bought a pants suit tonight . . . . it was already marked down . . . . . . . from 35 dollars to nineteen then I got 25% off nineteen so I really got it pretty reasonable.  Oh, and guess what size it is . . . . . . size 12!!!  I was shocked!!!!

I didn't do as bad as Doris, but I did somehow gain a half of pound this last week.  And I haven't touched the ham and other so called goodies that we are allowed to eat now!!  I went out this morning for the second part of my being trained for clerk.  I will just be working on Tuesdays . . . . . from nine o'clock till eleven thirty.  That's the day I usually went to W.W. but now I will just have to be there a little earlier and stay till eleven thirty.  I almost feel like a doctor weighing people in!!  The excuses people give are too much . . . . . cough syrup, vitamins, you name it!!!

John, glad you passed the driver's permit test, but I really don't understand how you did it without my helping you!!!

It's late and I've got some reading in psychology I ought to do yet . . . . big test coming up this Wednesday . . . . . . . .

Love, Berta
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