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1983 Catherine as Blood Donor - Oct 6

Catherine made the local newspaper because of donating blood.  Hopes were dashed for setting any kind of blood donation lifetime record in 1988 when the Red Cross decided she might be a carrier of malaria.  Further tests showed this not to be the case, but once the Red Cross decides you are a "problem" donor, no further donations are allowed.  The recipient wants blood without any possible taint of a health issue.

The portion about "Cathy" Morgan is transcribed below.
1983 Catherine as Blood Donor
Clipping from The Madras (Oregon) Pioneer - Oct. 6, 1983
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Blood donors share 'giving' spirit

Cathy Morgan, Jefferson County Librarian has been donating for 16 years since she was a student at Kalamazoo College.  She said the 'good refreshments sere very important to college students."  She added that her father had always donated.  She "feels donating is very important, it doesn't cost anything , you can help someone else, plus you get a free medical checkup!"

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