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1993 Wendy's Scotland postcard - Oct.

Wendy writes a postcard to her Uible grandparents during her second month as an exchange student in Scotland in the fall of 1993.
Scotland postcard (mailed 1993)
1993 Wendy Scotland postcard to grandparents -Oct.
[October 1993]
Dear Grandma & Grandpa,    W/B/S [write back soon]

Hi!  How are you?  I am great.  Having a good time in Scotland!  I have a weeks vacation from school started yesterday.  I will be going to London on Nov. 12, for 2 days!  School is going well I am taking Higher English which is quite hard.  I am taking geography which my knowledge of the 50 states will probably not help because we're mostly doing Europe.  How are things in Ohio?  Do you think you might be able to come & visit me in Scotland?  I have been told that I'm getting an accent.  My reply to that was aye!  It takes quite a getting used to!  I have almost mastered the Scottish language.  I don't get this view from my window but Scotland is a very beautiful place.  I take a Double Decker bus to and from school.  Things are really different here but I'm quite used to most of it by now!  Gotta Run!  Love, Wendy Jean -- your favorite granddaughter in Scotland

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