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1983 Family Letter - Oct.17

Very big news from Roberta leads off this family letter. Transcription follows.

Monday morning -
October 17, 1983
Dearest Family -

This has been quite an eventful week with the BIG news coming to us Wednesday when Roberta called about her approaching marriage to Sis King.  We had met him briefly several years ago, thought he was very nice but didn't realize then what an important place he might have in the future.  We might have been a littler more observant.  But we do feel confident that they have carefully and prayerfully considered all the various pros and cons of such a big decision.

Roberta wanted to tell Grandma herself in a letter so it has been hard to keep such momentous news as G'ma won't get the letter until at the earliest today.  We have dropped a number of little hints so it won't come as a COMPLETE shock to her.

It is our hope that we can all get together in Phoenix at that Time.  John and X seem to be the biggest IF.  They would like to come but Dec. 30th is a bad time to ask the bank for a vacation for more than just the weekend.  Luckily G'ma and the Morgans and Serena had already begun to make plans for that time not knowing then how important it would be.  Serena wasn't sure that the woman she has been replacing would be back but thinks she will be able to get the time off if not.  Hopefully she will get things worked out.  The Hortons are talking about coming but don't know any of their plans as we have only heard of them through Roberta.  (That is Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill.)  I have a feeling that Joe might try to come as he gets back to New York this week and it could be possible.

We have talked to most of you - Serena called Wed. night and we talked to Gerry and Wendy (Catherine had just left the house so missed her).  Gerry was busy painting the outside of the house but took time to chat about their plans.  Had supper with X and John Tuesday evening at their home and Mary Virginia was over on Thursday for her student teaching day.  She has been down to the Co. Commissioner's Office several times to get data on a schoolproject whe [sic] is working on.

Had a good trip to the Boston area a week ago . . . we rented a car at the Boston airport, had dinner with a friend we had met on the Elderhostel trip on Sat. evening in New Hampshire, and then Sunday we drove thru Sanford on our way to Laconia and seeing Harriette Ballantyne and her two sons and their families.  Roger has done a lot of work on the family tree and has a beautiful scrap book which we have on loan fromhim. [sic]

This past weekend has been a whirlwind for we went to Wright State Univ. on Saturday for a library meeting and yesterday to Lebanon UMC for a "Day on the District" which concluded with an address by the Bishop.  There was a good turnout of people there.  This was Bishop Loder last visit to the District as the bishop as he steps down next spring.  They gave him a number of gag gits [sic] one being presented by Stan Fawley to represent the Wilm Clinton Co. cluster.

Roger Ballantyne is going with a girl formerly from Sanford.  She has two children by a former marriage.  Don't think Harriette is too happy about her - she's 29 and Roger is 40.  Interesting to talk to both the boys and enjoyed dinner fixed by Bob's wife, Pat.  Except for wiring and plymbing [sic], they did the inside of the house themselves and looks real good.

[Love, etc.]
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