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1983 Catherine's letter - Oct. 2

Wendy's 6th birthday celebration, library and home maintenance issues are highlights of this Oct. 1983 letter. Transcription follows.

 October 2, 1983

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Well, we all survived Wendy's birthday.  We didn't go to Kah-hee-ta after all.  We found out a few days before that it was closed for some major repair work which is expected to be completed by the end of this month.  We thought then we might go to Redmond to swim but when we called there to inquire about the hours fund out they were closed for about 1- days for special cleaning.  so, we went bowling instead.  Wendy was disappointed not to go swimming but she and her friend Darci had a good time bowling and decided it was a pretty fun thing to do.

We had some of Wendy's friends and Oma & Millard over for cake and ice cream on Saturday afternoon.  The last two years we have had her party at the Grizzly Bear (now Pietro's) [Pizza] and I think we will o back there next year.  It requires more advance planning but not nearly as much work cleaning up, etc.

Wendy liked the puzzle, the bookmark, and the paper with her name on it.  Thanks.  The stickers & book from Mary Virginia were also nice.  She went shopping yesterday to spend the money she got for her birthday.  She had $20.50 so she bought a "Herself the Elf" for $7.99 and a "Angel Face Barbie" for $12.49.  She was very pleased with her purchases.  We spent about an hour and visited three stores before she made her decision.

This proposal on the other side of this paper to move the library is very unlikely to happen but it did draw some attention to the library and point out that the library is considering options to enlarge.  This committee has since decided that they are only going to decide about the court house floor and leave these other problems to another committee which will be appointed later.  [The library moved to a new building about 8 years later.]

We have gotten about three sides of the house painted and are now waiting for the rest of the paint to arrive.  It was backordered from Sears but they were supposed to ship it Sept. 28 so we should get it soon hopefully.  Not much fun, but it looks alot better after being painted.  We also bought paint for the trim but haven't started on that yet.  There is alot of that in the carport area.

Had to pull the tomato plants but have about a bushel left to eat – very prolific plants this year.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy.
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