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1973 Roberta's Letter -Oct.16

The letters from Roberta arrive with regularity despite her busy exclamation mark filled life. Transcription follows.

October 16, 1973

Dear Family,

Thought I would write a short letter and send this check on it's way back to Ohio!!!  As I said before, my U.C. insurance really came through for me!!!

We arex all keeping pretty busy down here.  Last night Aunt Mary had some sort of Church meeting here.  I got home from school just in time for the refreshments. (ho, hum)  They had punch with sherbert [sic] in it, also brownies and different kinds of cookies.  I ate my usual pudding and had two plums.  I'll sure be glad when the orange and grapefruit season starts.

Went to W.W. this morning.  I'm now on their "pay-roll" . . . . I thought I would never see the day when I would be on W.W pay-roll!!!!  Anyway, I lot another half of pound.  At this rate I should lose the 2½ pounds I still have left to lose in about five weeks!!!   Just in time for Thanksgiving!!!!!

School is going all-right.  I thought we were going to get off next Monday for Veteran's Day (we were originally supposed too) But now they have changed our little holiday to Nov 14th instead.  The worst thing was that I had told them at work that I could work that Monday and now I have to change that.  We are to have a midterm in my Sociology class next Wednesday so think that I better attend class on Monday.

I have told them at work that I won't be able to work next Thursday through Sunday.  As plans are now I think I am going to fly to Atlanta on Thursday morning.  I haven't really thought too much on where I should stay that evening.  Thursday at work I'll have to look in the travel books and figure something out.

I've been working on my criminal justice paper all afternoon.  I have great hopes of getting it done and out of the way by the first or second week in November.  It only (!) has to be 20 pages this time . . . . . mainly because we are also having class this term.

Will write more later in the week –

Hope all of you all are fine – anxious to see you in Atlanta next week end.

Love, Berta
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