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1993 Family Letter - May 19

This letter in ALL CAPS seems a bit "LOUD" but still glad to have the letter. Speaking of letters, I've been wishing we had more of the 1953 era letters. There are three possibilities… 1 – They weren't written; 2 – they weren't saved; or 3 – I haven't found them yet. Hoping for the latter! Transcription (in lower case) of this 1993 letter follows.

Wed., Mary 19, 1993

Dearest Family –

It's been quite awhile since we have written to all of you but hope we get a letter off now while Dad goes over to see G'ma.  I brought the car down here so he could take off quicker (and I might play solitaire on the computer (haven't won a game since they told me how fun that is - fireworks & all).  I did copy some things so am now trying my luck again using the computer to better advantage.

Can't remember wen we last wrote but know it has been a long time.  We did enjoy seeing John , Julie and especially little Kate when she was just a few hours old on May 6th. Then a couple of days later we went down to Williamsburg to see the Crowsons and were there when the Bishop and the District Supt. came to Don's country church  to dedicate the new addition.  The Bishop said it is most unusual to not consecrate a church structure and then dedicate it later when it is all paid for but this was paid for right along.

Everyone was very impressed with all the dignitaries there and Don did an excellent job and Mary Virginia sang well as always.  Of course incidentally we enjoyed seeing Ginny too.  She is doing more and more things and will soon be walking - she moves from place to place by hanging on now.  She is a real good eater and so god natured.  Wish we could see them more often but do get to see them oftener than we did the Morgans when Wendy was that young.

Yesterday Dad had an all day meeting in Lancaster so John arranged a ride for him to Newark and I drove to Newark after dropping him off at his meeting place.  So I spent the rest of the day with Julie and little Kate or Katie.  She was much more wide awake and I tried to let Julie get some needed rest but Katie was awake and especially hungry.  She is adorable too and so tiny but has gotten a good start.  They take her to the Doctor Friday so we're anxious to get more details then. They have gotten so many cards and flowers.  The house is filled.  The nursery is loaded with gifts.  Mary Virginia sent up things that Ginny had out grown too so we added to the room.

The Hortons arrived Monday after stopping to visit friends on the way up and also the Crowsons unannounced.  M V had a big children's program at the Somerset church so know how delighted she must have felt to have company waiting for her.  Aunt Mary said how organized she is and helpful Don had been meeting them and leading them to their house.  The Hortons always seem to come at a busy time - busier than usual for the Crowsons are always busy.

Anyway the Hortons found G'ma real good and are back in the swing of things at the Senior Citizens' - they had mad reservations there for lunch on Tuesday (yesterday).  Some days G'ma is so wide awake and talkative and other days like last Sunday we couldn't get her awake enough to eat and barely drink a little.

Dad will soon be stopping for me so better close so I'll be ready when he stops - I'll try to add notes to each .

I forgot to mention that we did go to Dayton for the Ohio Bar Meeting and saw the Goodings Thursday night and glad that Serena was able to meet us on Friday evening.  She is super busy but we ate at a nice restaurant that was new to all of us.

[Love, etc.]
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Mary Crowson said...

I don't remember when the transition but sure was NICE when the folks went from using carbon copies to the copying machine. If you got the bottom copy from the carbon, you were lucky to be able to read it.

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