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1973 Cris's Letter - May 20

I don't have all the details – Cris will have to enlighten us – but after graduating from college, Cris had a job that sent him to Vlaardingen, Holland to work. Transcription follows.

May 20th [1973]

Sunday Afternoon

Dear Uibles & G'ma,

Apologize for being tardy in returning your letter, but must keep in character though you know!  Ha!
Enjoyed your letter and interesting to note you two spent your 2nd honeymoon in The Netherlands.  Wish I could spend mine here!  Must have slipped up somewhere along the line.  Ha!  Oh yes, you'll be glad to know the weather hasn't changed since you were here in May, 1954 – its still terrible.  It seems to have this unique characteristic of flucuating [sic] from one hour to the next.  It makes life interesting I guess!

Uncle Harold you won't believe it, but bicycled form Vlaardingen to Lieden roundtrip, all in the same day mind you!  Would you believe thats approximately 175 kilometers.  Ugh!  Convert that into miles and you get – ah!??? I shutter at the thought!  Leave that problem for you John.  We were supposed to get to Lissa, the land of the tulips but the women started to complain and the wind was against us.  And from past experience when you have those two forces against you, it's high time you pull up anker and head for shore or is it home@ Ha!

Went to Schwenigen this weekend to see the fishermen begin celebrating their first day of the Herring season.  It was a beautiful sight to see 30 ships at harbor dressed in their full "battle gala" (flags, nets flying) waiting for their first catch.  Lot of excitement with the bands and all.  Hope I got some good pictures!

Well, I guess you know by now that Mon & Dad will be here in The Netherlands later this week. I understand Mom is reading all kinds of traveling books and getting more confused as to what to do once in Europe as she reads different books.  And good ole Dad is saying "whatever happens let be!"  Whatever the case, I have their first week activities pretty well booked up for them.  They're lucky in one sense, because Vlaardingen is celebrating their 700th birthday the weekend they're here.  Should be fun!  Also I plan to take them to Alhamar to visit the cheese markets, Volendam to see the traditional clothes, and Kinderdijk to see the famous windmills.  Of course Amsterdam is also on the agenda.  Well, we'll see what happens!  Hope the weather cooperates!

Glad to here Serena is heading for Brazil.  Serena, I'm jealous!  Also happy to here the family is going to play Cortez and conquer the Incas in Peru.  You know between the Uibles and the Hortons we have this wold pretty well covered!  Ha!

Always interested in hearing about Wells progress.  Looking for Wells products everytime I go in a toy store, but have little success.  Seems they always have a run on sale so Wells goods wherever I go for the counters are always bare! Ha!

Well, must get back to practicing my Dutch, so Henie and I can communicate!  Ha!

Take care and hope this letter finds the Uibles with "vim and vigor!"

Love, Cris

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