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1973 Roberta's Letter - May 25

 May 25, 1973

Dear Grandma,

Hi! – Was happy to get your letter - you sound like you're busy w/ all those jack letters & all.

You would never believe what Rob is watching on T.V. – yep - a ball game.  I couldn't even tell you who is playing

Rob & I are getting along fine - he's been so good about watering the yard, etc.  The grass is just as green as the day Uncle Bill left!  We've only eaten out twice - last Friday night - also tonight.  Since I'm on my diet there really isn't too many places we can eat out!  I've lost a little over 14 pounds now – my clothes are beginning to hang a little - which makes me very happy!!  Tomorrow night I'm going to experiment on Aunt Mary's sewing machine - I'd like to make some pants to wear to work.

Math is going all-right.  We had our 1st test this last week & I think I did ok on it.  The course is already 1/3 over!!  Because of Memorial Day we won't have class this coming Monday – I can't say that I'm disappointed.

I had a nice letter too from Catherine.  She really seems to like Maine.  As she said - she is only 15 miles from the same ocean that I'm only a few miles from!!

Rob still seems to like his job alot.  Last week he got paid for the 1st time - and was he happy – he made more money than he thought he would.  Even after taxes, etc. he made just over $2.00 an hour!  He put his 1st paycheck ALL in the bank!

I'm working every Sunday, but I really can't complain as I get off 2 days through the week, also you get extra pay for working Sundays.

I've got my lunch all ready made to take to work tomorrow.  I'm having Tuna Fish 2/ lemon juice, 1/2 cup mushrooms, celery & radishes.  I've eaten so much celery & carrots I'm afraid I'm going to start acting like a rabbit!!

Thanks again for you letter – I'm still enjoying the Wilmington News Journal.

Love, Berts

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