Thursday, May 30, 2013

1982 Roberta - May 29 Cat Card

 Dear Family,

Hi!  It's so strange for me to be here w/out the DOGS – Marion up at the cabin w/ them for the long weekend!!  We have it rented out for 2 weeks in June - hopefully some in July.  Remember last Memorial Weekend?  [No - but hold that thought until May 2021 and we may be reading the letter from May 1981.]

When are you all going to Cape Cod?  Am glad to see that you'll get in some relaxing days before all the gang arrives!

Looks like there will be 12 of us going to Grand Canyon.  Will be using our VAN and Ann Pierson's little Datsun. (Got to use GAS EFFICIENT CARS!)  The Regular Gas (what the bubble uses) has been 99¢ gallon!

The County Commissioners here are saying no Merit Raises or Cost of Living Raises - for its employees.  Sure hope they get their budget figured out – and make cuts elsewhere.

The group here has started doing volunteer work at Trinity Bible Church – it makes them feel good to be on the giving end.  I'm so glad to see it working out.  That's the church that does our YARD WORK.  Thanks to volunteers.

Just got the Fall Catalogue for Current stationary - which inspired me to get out the summer one & place an order.  Costs are up about 20¢-50¢ per item in the fall one.  This cat was their free sample – but I didn't order any cat ones!!

Did Mie Young's parents arrive?

We had to enforce dress code for AIDES here – as at 1st we said simply – not uniforms – street clothes.  But they carried too far – short shorts, very low tops, blue jeans - old/ragged.  Needless to say they aren't too happy about it at all!

Happy TRIPPING to ALL –––

See all of you soon –– Much Love, Roberta

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