Friday, May 17, 2013

1973 Roberta's Letter - May 16

 May 16, 1973

Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Thanks!! I got your card & gifts today in the mail!!  I really like the necklace - and the money & everything else!!

I had my Math class tonight - it's pretty hard for me to sit for 4 hours!!  We are to have our 1st test next Monday – I hope I can do all right!

Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill got on the plane fine.  Their plane going to Nassau was really small - there was only room for 40 people in it.

I only lost a half of pound last week – I'm really mad – I wanted to lose more than that!

So how is school?  Are you still planning on staying here this summer – I hope you do!  You're be able to go back to Ohio w/ a good tan!!

I read in the paper where your class went to Cincinnati - (is that right?)  you were in my OLD territory!!

Hello to everyone – Thanks again & write me about coming down - OK?

Love, Berts
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