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1983 Roberta's Letter - May 16

 Monday Aftn

May 16, 1983

Dear Dad & Mom,

Always – great to talk to you both.  Hard to believe I'll be back in Ohio - in less than a month.

I'm at the Beauty College – getting my usual $13.00 perm – quite a bargain for these inflationary times!!  So if my handwriting looks worse than usual – it's thanks to not having my glasses on!

Thanks for the lovely card, note & white/red bag.  Had a very quiet birthday – did get lots of cards & calls.  Had a card from Elizabeth (happy to hear she got a passport - for as she says some Real Travelling!)  & Ruth Shoemaker – also the Hortons.

Starting next week (since I'll be gone Wednesday thru Sunday) I'm trying scheduled hours for Sr. Village – includes time away on S.V. business & time there.  I'll enclose a copy of the hours – if I get them back from the downtown office today.

– Now in San Diego – 5:00 P.M. - had a good drive over – sitting out by the pool – almost to cool for me.

Staying in Plaza International of El Cajon –  It's 3*** in Mobile Tour Book.  It's well located for me – since I need to be in Santee both days.  Also out of the San Diego traffic!!

Drove Impala over – really good on gas – didn't need A.C. - did have window down.  Notice now my left arm & leg a little darker.

Mother – good to talk to you this AM –– really had felt bad that I hadn't gotten the flight times in the mail.

We are getting more & more MARGINAL type of residents (frailer) - so it seems to take all of my time & energy!  And then Ann keeps coming up w/ all these small grants (mostly, time deals) that require lots of paperwork.  The aim is that after 3rd year we will be self sufficient.  I've got my doubts.

Will get this in the mail –

Much Love, Roberta
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