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1982 Roberta - May 21

 Friday A.M. 5/21/82

Dear Family,

Thanks for your letter yesterday.  Sure sounds like plans are firming up for the month of June in Ohio.  I'm sorry that I won't be there for Mary Virginia's and Mie Young's graduation.  I am at a lost as to what for Mie Young--so will put off that decision.  (for now)  A package is in the mail for Mary Virginia--hopefully it will fit--if not the tag are still on there.

We had a great day at Sedona.  Came back through Jerome. Kept thinking how much you all would have enjoyed the trip.  Everyone sure had a great  time.  Tho we were all quite tired when we got home.  Travelled more than 325 miles ---alot of sitting for some of the people.  We made about 7 stops ---restroom stops.

The garden here is really going to town.  All sorts of squash coming on--also lots of green tomatoes.  The radishes have more or less had their season.

We continue to gain and lose some people.  But now only have four vacancies.  Would love to leave in June with all beds full.  Then of course as of July 1st we get the other houses.  Could use a golf cart.  But can just imagine how it would get misused--taxi service.

We are going to start serving lunch in both the second house (where it has been all the time) and the last house (in our first group of seven) when we open up the other houses.

It's now Saturday Morning--will be leaving for the cabin so will try to finish this off before departure.  Mary Virginia's earlier arrival is great-- that will give her alot more time here in this hot state.

Now Monday Morning--great to talk to all of you last nite.  Wish I had a Watts line---then I could get my better with my poor letter writing habits.  Have just fought the dogs into the side yard--Marion put up fenses there a while back.  so have the grass in the back yard getting watered.  Now days unless its watered every day it shows.  Our water bills are about $20 a month--per house.  Not sure if I have told you that electric bills for all the houses are about the same $65--but the second house--the one that has the huge freezer (remember) and two refrigerators going--its almost double that.  We had to have therostat covers put over all the controls.  I would go in some houses and they would have the AC on at 60---then other houses actually found the furnace on at 85---when it was 90 outside.  So now they are all set at 78 and the boxes locked.  Cost us $130 to put (and buy) the covers.

Thanks again for the lovely card and the check.  O course it got put to good use.  I bought another pair of Birkenstock sandals---also some shorts and tops--stuff I really need.

Charlie seems to be feeling somewhat better this A.M.  Our Emergency room visit with him was just $75 dollars.  Thank goodness we don't have to pay utility bills over here!!! He's our utility!!!

Ann Pierson took me out to Lunch on Friday.  Late Birthday lunch.  She says that right now I'm in a good position to think about what I want to do in five or ten years and make plans.  Rather its pick up a few course--seminars, etc.  She thinks I should definitely sty in aging programs.  Maybe open up a chain of foster homes for the elderly.  Her position was originally for just one year but she will be staying on. (so it looks)  With the county political climate one never knows.  Both of our salaries for the first year is being paid by County Commissioners---some Revenue Sharing Money.  Some county just outside Columbus has a similarx program like this going.  I want to visit that while I am in Ohio.

Need to be going--sorry for the lateness and the bad typing both....

Much love, Roberta
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