Monday, May 06, 2013

1982 MUH Postcard - May 6

Orton Plantation postcard mailed MUH postcard mailed 1982
Caption: ORTON PLANTATION  The Orton House, originally a story and a half, built in 1735.  Second story added about 1840 and wings and columns in 1910.  Situated above the Orton Plantation gardens. Located 12 miles north of Southport, North Carolina.  Photo by Bill Norment.
1982 MUH Postcard to Grandma - May 6
5/6-1:00 PM [1982]
Dear Mother:
Just got home fr Circle meeting at church.  Had cutest MAY BASKETS made fr kleenex boxes and artificial flowers.  18 there.  Picked up Mary U., Anne and Dot.  A regular taxi!  Cutest baby mocking bird outside your window..I can see his head sticking up and a lot of action from "parents".  Fun to watch!!  Rains decreasing but so far a STRANGE MONTH OF MAY!  HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY!!!  Had this card addressed since we came back fr trip.

Love, Mary & all

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