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1973 Roberta's Letter - May 30

May 30, 1973
Dear Family -

Hi!  Was happy to get your letter & news clipping yesterday – but had already read both of them - the News Journal is still coming, though it will only be coming for a few more days as I've had 2 letters from the WNJ about renewing it - it expired May 29!

It's 8:30 in the morning - Hilda is here cleaning the house.  I just got done w/ my breakfast.  I had a good breakfast - 1/4 cup of cottage cheese, Artificial sweetner, cinnaman, and some vanilla extract all mixed together on toast.  Then I put it under the broiler – it was really very good!  Aunt Mary has a combination fry pat / broiler – which I've really been making good use of !

Lat night I went to W.W. – I've lost 2.5 pounds this last week - 16.5 all together now!  I had hoped to lose more by the time Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill get back - but . . . . . I do have 1 more week so I'll just have to see.

A girl I've met at work wanted me to join a health spa w/ here.  I was thinking about it until she told me it was $250.00 - I kind lost my interest then.

Rob & I are getting along fine - he said the other day that he had been eating better since his parents left.  We have fish 5 times a week, liver twice, beef 3 times - also I've been making some W.W. milk shakes - using powder milk (1/3 cup dry) a little bit of water, 1/2 teaspoon of extract & a bunch of ice-cubes.  They are rally good - we have so many different flavors – strawberry, raspberry, banana, coconut, pepper-mint (it tastes like toothpaste!!) and even Chocolate!!  You are allowed 2 of them a day - if you don't drink any milk so I usually have one in the afternoon and one at night!

It was nice talking to everyone on Sunday.  I hope I didn't make it at too bad of a time.  I don't know what's w/ Rob - but he just won't talk on the phone.  He says he likes 1 to 1 communication – not through "wires and things"  He's excited too about all of you coming down.  He has some big stamp deals to make w/ John - he wants you to buy him some in S.A.

So how about Larry Martin going to S.A. w/ you all?  It would be nice if it worked out for him to go.

At work I'm learning to use a calculater (sp?) – at 1st I thought it was very hard - but I'm slowly catching on!  I have to use it to multiply & add these big numbers.  The machine is really something - it's pretty small but it has a "memory" & everything.  One time I forgot to clear it and you would not have believed some of the answers I came up w/ .

The last 2 weeks in June will be a store wide inventory & form what I understand I'll have lots of 'figuring" to do after that - so they are teaching me now some of the stuff.

Tonight in Math - we're having a big test - I guess something like a Mid-term – after tonight the class is half over!

Are you all planning to go to Lisa Goodings graduation?  It was nice that the Goodings made it down for Serenas.

We had 2 post cards yesterday from Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill – they seem to be having a good time - but guess it's pretty cool over there.  It's anything but cool here - 95º yesterday.  I went to the beach - but, oh it was so hot.  I only stayed about an hour!

You name the shortage & Florida seems to have it.  Of course there is the gasoline shortage – then the water shortage - and now because of the hot humid weather there is the electric power shortage.  Yesterday they kept announcing on the radio not to cook, wash clothes, do dishes, etc. – between 4:00 and 8:00 P.M.  Also said to turn off the air-conditioning - well we turned ours up, so as not to be so cool! - but we sure didn't turn it off!!

I've got to get going - Math awaits me!!  Tell Grandma hello & that the last 2 nights all Rob has had on t.v. is baseball!!  Whenever I get real bored – I can always study!!!

John who will do your Routes while you are away?

Got to go ––––  Love, Berts
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