Friday, May 10, 2013

1993 HH & Jean postcard - May 10

Big Bone Lick State Park - mailed 1993
Caption: Big Bone Lick State Park, Union, Kentucky.  
Buffalo trace where buffalo walked through area.  John Hinde Curteich Inc.

1993 HH & Jean postcard - May 10
Mon. May 10, 1993

Stopped here on way back from Crowsons & nice weekend w/them.  Have nice picnic grounds here but we didn't even bring water so will eat further north.

Thanks to you & your parents for lovely Mother's Day cards.  We plan to go to Dayton this Thursday & Fri & will have dinner w/Goodings TH [Thursday] & Serena on Fri. we hope.  Look forward to July w/you in OR.  Hope you hear soon about G.B. [being an exchange student in Great Britain]  Much love, G'dad & G'ma U.

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