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1973 Roberta's Letter - May 1

Roberta writes a five page letter, page one of which is scanned.  Complete transcription follows.

 May 1, 1973

Dear Family,

Hi!  Thanks alot for your last letter - dated April 25th and also the newspaper clipping about Senegal.  The article is already on its way to Africa - Aunt Mary enclosed it w/ a letter to Joe today.

I'm doing fine - but am pretty tired tonight - as I worked a full day yesterday (11:55 A.M. to 9:10 P.M.) and today I worked from 10:00 A.M. to 6:10 P.M.)  The store closes at 5:30 & usually I would have been able to leave by 5:40 but today we had to take inventory so had to stay later.  I was in the Men's dept - wow - some of the suits were really something!!  (ALSO the prices!!)

Tomorrow I just work 5 hours 11 to 4 - and don't even know yet which dept. I'll be in.

Did the Kuntzmans make it down?  – Or didn't you go?  (I just reread your letter better!!)  Where did you all go for a picnic?  I hope it was a nice day - we had a nice day in Florida!!

How was Nancy Walkers talk on Spain?  I can hear her giving it all PRO-SPAIN!!  You wouldn't believe all of the Cubans that come in the store.

Serena - I'm glad you are going to Earlham (sp?) – it's a good school – a  good Quaker school!  The man who teaches Uncle Bill & Aunt Mary's Sunday School class has a son that goes there.  I told them you were going to be there.  They told me that their son is going to England for fall quarter as a part of some program.  Do you think you will be able to come home every week-end?  (Ho, Hum!)

Rob started working today.  He didn't have much to say about it - but I think he was a little tired as he didn't seem to have all of the energy tonight that he usually has!  He will just be working w hours a day – 3:00 to 5:00 P.M.

I've had another letter from Maureen Dailey – she said her Mother had come to Pittsburgh for Eater & was going to stay awhile.  Also said that Mary Ellen is expecting a baby in May.  Serena – I'm sure that Maureen would write you if you wrote her – she's a good letter writer.

I heard today from Florida Atlantic Univ. – I'm hoping to take 1 class there over the summer.  At work - I met a girl - Sherrie - who goes down there part-time - and she told me I was welcome to go down w/her some time.  She seems to like it - she's in Elem. Education

I think the African top - cape - whatever – is in w/ all of the African stuff.

I'm glad X & Cathy made it to Maine OK – it was nice they stopped to see Roger B.

I went to Weight Watcher tonight - only lost 6 pounds - our scales had been deceiving us.  I've really been following the rules – but Aunt Mary has really been putting out W.W. Specials too - like tonight we had broiled liver w/ tomato juice & stuff on it.  It was really good – Dad – you would have liked it!!

Dad – I got my Checking Account balance yesterday.  I've been thinking - will you please find out if I'll be charged 50¢ service charge a month for having it.  If so – I want to close it - please let me know.

Please tell Grandma hello for me – I really don't have that much to say - as I guess Aunt Mary wrote a letter today to Grandma.

Mary Virginia - how did everything go when you sang down at Belfast?  Your choir is sure alot better than the one in the Meth Church in Lake Worth.

John – have you & Nicky thought any more about coming down - We could go big time & go to Disney World!!

Well - better close.

Love, Bert

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