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1983 Family Letter - May 22

How convenient for Roberta than we are planning a get together for December 1983 and she hasn't even announced her engagement yet!  In attempting to recreate the unique spelling and word divisions I have probably added a few new ones.  Perhaps time constraints during the original writing and in the transcription have that in common.  Transcription follows.

May 22, 1983

Dear Family:

Today is East Clinton graduation . . .  we drove over to the school, but because of the wetness, the program was inside, which required tickets, so we just had a ride.  Quite a bit quiet here today than a year ago with our two 1982 Seniors.  Last Sunday our Church has a recognition Pot Luck Dinner for the Seniors and then they were recognized in today's services.

Yesterday MV worked from 3 to 11 at Wilmington Extended Care and we went over with her.  We visited some people there and also at the new Quaker Apartments.  Ended up staying there for supper for $1.81 each, which included a big piece of canteloupe.  It is a wonderful facitility for people who are ambulatory.

Robertac alled us from San Diego Thursday evening, where she is attendinga another meeting.  Dr. Bruce passed away suddenly on Thursday.  He was 81.  Glad that we got to see both of them last December.

Serena, we saw Nadine ean Hunter Warden (?) at the new Qauker complex, she is an LPN there.  Sheis talking about going to the class reunion.  Af er the dinner there we went to the play at Wilmington College.-Two of Edward Albee's one acters which were well done.

We were on the go yesterday for in the morning your Mother went to the AAUW strawberry brunch in Wilmington, while Dad went to the library (Is that group that Dad went with Catherine to in Oregon?)  [Yes, Madras, Oregon also had an AAUW group.]  Dad spoke to the Wilmington whole group in April.

The weather here has become more than a joke . . . it continues to be so wet.  Recd the invitation to C & A's wedding and hopefully the weather man will be cooeprative for them.  We plan to leave on Thursday June 23rd for there.  Think Serena and MV will be with us.  Maybe John and X ????

John, we had a Republican Century Club meeting and dinner last Friday night with Bob Teeters the speaker.  Perhaps you know that his wife is one of the Columbus council members.  Wilma Croghan is the new Clerk for the V. of N.V.

Dad has ; written so much already covering everything.  Roberta had planned to visit the ruces today (Sunday) but his sudden sickness and trip to the hospital where she kept in contact with Lois and sudden demise changed her plans & she deceded to go back to Phx early - (had driven & thought the car did well).  Roberta said they are to have memorial service for Dr. Bruce this coming weekend.

The Hortons are planning on coming in sometime tomorrow (Monday) evening & will be here at least thru Sat for the Alumni Banquet & Dance then.  Cris did graduate getting his MBA degree but rain hampered the festivities & had to be moved at last minute.  Understand that Stan Fawley jr got his PHD last week (at Emory, I think.)  Cris'es is from Wake Forest.

Christmas plans sound real good if the Morgans can come to California-Arizona area - how about John and X as well as Serena and Mary Virginia?  That would be a real get together!

[Love, etc.]

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