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1973 Catherine's Letter - May 23

Transcription follows.

Wednesday morning, May 23, 1973

Dear Mom, Dad, Serena, John, Mary and Grandma,

Hi!  Received your letter of 5-17 on Monday 5-21.  We get our mail delivered to a mailbox in front of the apartments but the mailman doesn't come until about 4-5 P.M. so we never see the mail until we come home from work at 8:30.  Yesterday I received the alumni thing from NEW Kenton-- thanks for forwarding it.  I don't think mabe I'll be able to make it this year.  Thanks, too, for the article on yogurt.  I haven't made any since we've been here.  They sell 2 lb. cartons in the grocery store for 65¢ which isn't quite as cheap as I could make it for but it is considerably more dependable.

We would be happy to see you anytime.  There are advantages to both August and June.  The tourist season is supposed to heaviest in July and August, June is sooner.  In August we would probably be able to take part of our vacation while you are here so we would have more free time.  We won't be able to do that in June.  We will probably know more about the area in August than we will know in June.  However, we will be here both times and whichever is best with you will be fine with us.  There is a rental place in Sanford that has wheelchairs for $20/month and would arrange a lower price for a lesser period of time.

It has been raining here almost everyday but today is supposed to be sunny all day with no more rain until tomorrow.  X is out running Kuman right now.  We're going to try to have some sort of garden this summer.  We've been making arrangements through some friends who have some extra land and the lady who runs the Welcome Wagon said we could borrow her roto-tiller off and on.  We have one tomato plant that Marcia Chappell gave us as a house warming present when we stopped to see her in New Hampshire.  It is probably 18 inches tall.

Perhaps I mentioned in my last letter that we had an appointment with a real estate agentx last Friday.  Well, we didn't buy any property yet, but it turns out her husband was going to start building an A-frame on Saturday with two of his friends and X ended up spending almost the whole weekend helping them.  They got all the floor laid, the A's up and 3/4 of the roof on.  It is  x on a lot with access to Square Pond about 15-18 miles west of where we are.  I rode up on my bicycle Sunday to see how they were doing and spent some time helping Gail (the real estate agent) clear brush.  We are in the midst of the black fly season and I came home thoroughly infected with insect bites.  The black flies look kind of like large gnats- the x season only lasts a few weeks and then they die out and the mosquitos take over.

We got a letter from Roberta on Monday also.  You mention in your letter last a that lettuce is 49¢ a head in the store.  I bought our first head of lettuce in over a year last week at 45¢ and it was so good I was going to buy more this week but the price is now 59¢.  I think we'll find a stream and eat watercress instead.

Since we don't work until afternoons we have been watching alot of the Watergate hearings in the mornings   I was surprised to hear about Antioch College on the Today show this morning.  I'll be interested in hearing how that comes out.  Nasson College in Springvale had their graduation this past weekend.

Well, keep us informed on your summer plans.  If you need to call us we are almost always home after 9 P.M. or mornings.

Love, Catherine & X

P.S.  15 of the 20 apts. here are now filled.
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