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1983 Roberta - May

A letter from Roberta, probably from May 1982 or 1983. Transcription follows.
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Dear Dad & Mom,

Always good to talk to you all on the phone – but know it doesn't take the place of writing!

We are almost filled up – 33 residents – only room for 3 more !!  It takes so much time to get a new resident on their feet  - oriented, etc. - I'm sure ready for the day we are all filled.

Have been swimming every day last few days.  Not any great distance – water is still very COOL!  I'm ready for the HOT weather so I can enjoy the pool!  Maybe we could get John & X here – along with Serena, Mary Virginia & the Morgans!

We are just now turning in the Insurance for our last break-in.  Just over $2,000.00 worth!  Did I show you all the new silverware/chest we bought – they got it.  We had never used the silver ware.  Also got off with the polaroid camera, portable AM/FM Tape player, etc.

Had a nice note from the Bruces yesterday – I think they found Sr. Village interesting!!  I'm sorry that due to the weather - we didn't get up to the cabin.  They remind me of Grandma - not wanting to overdo their stay – left here for home - the day we had hoped to go to the cabin.

We now have a PRIVATE line - in my name in our house - phone # is 938-3090.  Really nice to have a 2nd line here at the house.

We have our freezer full – I froze 78 pints of strawberries over a period of a week!  See!  I just don't sit & twiddle my thumbs!

Keep Dancing!  Along with everything else!

Much love, Roberta

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