Monday, May 20, 2013

1983 Roberta's postcard - May 20

Balboa Park postcard - mailed 1983.  Captioned: Balboa Park, San Diego, California.  Romantic Spanish architecture and sub-tropical foliage make a visit to Balboa Park a most pleasant experience.
1983 Roberta's Balboa Park postcard - May 20

5/20/83 Friday
Hi!  Having a busy - good time - did sit out yesterday by the pool - too long - have a Red Nose today.  Dr. Bruce in Hosp - ICU - just transferred to another hosp – possibility of serious surgery. (Heart)  I'm going to head back to Phx Saturday   Works out much better for me – tho I'm sorry for the reason.  Met someone at the motel pool who works for GE - Cincy - knew Bill Sanker.  Small world - plan to rent a moped tomorrow AM early & ride around Northern San Diego.  John and I did it once – Love, Roberta

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