Friday, May 17, 2013

1983 Catherine's letter - May 17

5-17-83 Tuesday

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Thanks for your letter and the clippings - especially interested in the one on  book prizes.  The Book Group that I am in picked The Color Purple by Alice Walker to read as the one book we wolle would all read this year and discuss in May.  We picked this book in January so were surprised when it won the Pulitzer Prize later.  Several members of our group did not like the book so they were especially surprised.

It was nice talking to you on Mother's Day.  I'll try to call again in the next few weeks.  We also talked to Roberta on her birthday.  I guess there is nothing definite about her coming to Oregon but may be a possibility.

We're glad that you think our plan to go to California and Arizona is OK and you will be able to meet us there.  That will certainly save us quite a bundle on transportation costs.

Wendy's dance recital is tomorrow night so she is all excited about that.  We took some pictures of her in her costume last night after the rehearsal.  She also has another loose tooth - on the bottom next to the one that she lost earlier.  This time she is going to try not to swallow the evidence.

We had some nice spring like weather last week and yesterday but the weekend was cold and rainy.  Maybe this weekend will be a better one for working outside.  Our strawberries have lots of blossoms.  And the rhubarb is almost gone.

Preschool for Wendy will be over on June 2nd.  She actually has her last day of school on June 1st and then a school "program" on Thursday.  She says they are going to sing some songs.  She likes "Jesus loves me" but says thex rest of the sock songs are yucky.  Yucky also fits her description of the food at Day Care which she seems to dislike.

Got to go.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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