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1982 Roberta - May 5

[5-5-82, although there is an indication this was written prior to Easter??  Whoever writes Roberta's "official" biography can figure out the date...]

Dear Family,

I must finally be gettingl settled---now have my typewriter set up for work on the one desk.  I need to start using it more--for many have a problem with my handwriting.

Thanks for your recent hand written letter.  The cabin at Lake Cowan sounds great for the week. [after GHU's 90th birthday]  We should be there that entire week.  Right now my guess would be that we would get there either the 14th or 16th of June.  The plans are now to drive straight through.  I would appreciate a car to drive back.  We will need a second car---and if you have one that is not in circulation right now---I'll be happy to put some miles on it.

Our frame business has been very good.  Maybe too good.  The problem is that I have to do all the sewing for them---haven't got anyone with that good of eyesight for it yet.  Maybe in the next people that come.  Our count has been going up and down.  W have several new people---three that are legally blind--but can get around enough to do.  Then we have lost four people.  One in the hospital---one went from the assessment bed to another level of care---and remember Helen--the little lady with all the nervous energy.  We had to ask her to leave--no-one could live in the same house.  She had to go to a place called the Villa--we have gotten several people from there.  It's an old run down njn nursing home that lost its license---so they closed it down.  Then soon after opened up as a structured room and board.  It is privately run--but most of the people there are county patients.

Our people here don't seem to realize that they are county patients--until after a doctor's appt at the hospital.  Then they come back and tell how they had to be down there with all these poor people.

Charlie has been gone this past week.  We had the instructor of the obedience class keep him for the week.  He needs some intensive training.  So Tobey now is getting the run of the house.  I sure hope to see alot of marked improvement with Charlie on Sunday.

We went up to the cabin last Saturday -just for the day.  We had gotten a friendly letter from the Forest Service people about things that needed to be done.  Such as raking the pine needles within 30 feet of the cabin.  We got that all done.  The water will be turned on Easter weekend.  We plan on making it up the following weekend.  I need to be here on Easter.  About half of our people will still be here-- the way it looks now.

Did I tell you that we saw the movie On Golden Pond.  Thought it was quite good--except for the language.  Thanks for the article about aging from the WSJ.  Ann thought it was quite a good article too.

We also saw the play recently – Fiddler on the Roof – was very good - for $3.00 a ticket.  Done at the Jewish Comm. Center - we were of the few people there w/ short noses!!

We have made over 40 picture frames – have orders for most of them now – we have them prices $4.00 - for the small ones & $8.00 for the big ones!

We were going to buy tickets for ANNIE - ASU - having the play in May.  Tickets were $14 & up - so decided against that!!

Mervyn's Dept. Store putting on a BIG dinner for us this week.  Their employees Association has taken on Senior Village as one of their Community Projects!!

Must go –

Love, Roberta
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