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1973 MUH Letter - May 8

Aunt Mary writes to Grandma.  Compliments for Roberta.  Transcription follows.

Tuesday Nite - 7:30 PM (I'm DESPERATE for TIME, if I write AFTER 'SUPPER'!)

Dear Mother:

For a change of pace ...... very little NEWS from the home-front ,,.... thought you might get a kick out of reading ltrs form Cris and Mares [a 3-page typed letter from Cris is enclosed but not sure what happened to the one from Mares.  Time constraints prohibit the current sharing of the one from Cris.]  (Mares, I don't know WHO you send you c/c's to..... how about identifying same???)  I can't seem to settle down and DO what needs to be done ..... I have my nose stuck in three TRAVEL BOOKS and consequently MY MIND is one BIG BLUR .... HA!  This is LOST TIME for I forget what I read anyway.  Bought a '73 copy of Fielding's Travel Guide to Europe but enjoy Frommer's copy of Europe on %$.00 a day ..... all kinds of info.  Fielding is witty and fun to read but F's is more practical.  Also a book from the library gives a lot of info in a condensed form, PRINT IS BIG, and easier to read:   "Fodor's Europe on A Budget."  Any of you 'trippers' or 'would-be's' ...... read up!  This week-end I've got to get things lined up ... keep putting it off but TUESDAY, 15th will soon be here.  Yuk!  I practice with Carol at 10:30 AM tomorrow ... we're going to play three organ-piano numbers Sunday nite for Mother's Day .... won't be too many there, so a good time to practice .... first attempt for us together.  EASY STUFF!   Can sight read it!  Then I accompany three numbers for the Wesley Choir.  Rob gives the prayer.  All the children participate so maybe there will be a few more people attend than usual.  Tomorrow night is Family nite, and I play for the Joseph's Coat ...... potluck; then Thurs. WSCS meeting changed to a night potluck .... more minutes to type up before we leave.  HA!  Bridge Friday night ..... leaves Sat. night FREE!  (Can't believe it ..... last night Circle and tonight Adm Bd. but I didn't go.)  Dupont Mgr. is being sent to Calif. to a trainee program (fired????).,  Be a change up there.  Sandy is unhappy .... (those of you who know the 'STORY' there).

How's tricks?  Must seem awfully QUIET, after our BLARING record player, To-day Show and 'kronkite' with dinner-time.  HA!  I must say nothing seems to get accomplished here since you left ...... I'm just racing from one thing to another ...... my goodness, you're a lot of help!  Right now I need someone to come to my rescue and hem up my pants to a bargain black and white pants suit I bought.  Sleeves need to be shortened too.  HA!  Any volunteers besides me?

Rob goes to State Contest at Lakeland (too bad they didn't go when Mares was over there).  (They take in Disney World after that.) on Friday.  He brought home Mr. B's trombone and is to learn it over the summer.  He enjoys that a lot.  Getting along fine on this job ...... seems to enjoy it.  Good training!

Roberta is FAITHFUL with her diet ....... even when we sneak in some desserts.  She's gone to Weight Watchers tonight.  She seems to be gradually losing but not spectacularly so to suit her.  But I think a steady loss is healthier and she's eating all the right foods.  We really enjoy having her stay with us.  She's a great kid!  I sent her over to talk to a friend of mine whose husband is studying some kind of 'police' science at Boca.  She has an interview down there on Friday about requirements and what they have to offer, etc.  She enjoys working at Burdines and I'm sure they're happy to have such a good employee.  She really knows how to get around and handle people.  Would like to take her to Holland with us!  (As she says, "All she needs is the MONEY").

Hope your help still is faithful and keeps coming!  How's the weather back there?  It's beautiful days here.  Doesn't seem to be that hot .... but we've had the air conditioner on for several days now.

You may not hear very much from us after next week ..... when I can get a card and hold of the right money to buy postage will try and send you cards.  Really getting excited about the trip ...... once I get off that little MACKEY jaunt.  HA!

Say Hi to all the Uibles ...... Looking forward to seeing them in June and would love to have MV stay with us ..... and John too .... but I bet he's looking forward to gong on a trip!


Love, Mary, Bill and All.

[written on left margin] Still have this thing on my ankle!  Not healing over – I pulled skin off first time – started oozing again.  Darn.

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Mary Crowson said...

The comment about MV staying was that I stayed with them for a couple weeks while the folks, JB and Larry Martin went to South America. Having gone to Mexico in 1972, I wasn't overly impressed and preferred the glitzy life of Lake Worth and the beach over something cultural and educational!!

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