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1973 MUH Letter - May 13

Aunt Mary writes to Grandma.  Roberta works at Burdine's?  Cris is now working in Vlaardingen, Netherlands.   Transcription follows.

Mother's Day - May 13 1973

Dear Mother:

Great to TALK to you this AM .... were you SURPRISED?  Never sure just what you heard via phone.  You always put up a great front!  HA!  SMARTIE!  You should call us once in awhile ..... but not while we're in Europe.  HA!  Rob actually spent some of his hard-earned money on my gift.  It's a cute little blue bird which scents up the room when lit.  The house dress they bought at Burdines was too big so she exchanged it today for a 12.  This diet must be working on me too.  I'm trying to do without ice cream, bread, sugar, etc.  My new COAT is a TEN!  With Bert getting 14% off I got quite a bargain and just what I wanted.  It's blue-black, heavy rain proof material with white stitching for design and white buttons with gold edging.  The lining is zipable .... heavy Europa pile.  Read the temps, every day and I see most of Western Europe is in the low 50's and leaving a temp. of the x 90's ..... Brrrr ..... I'll need some heavy underwear.  HA!

According the the church bulletin this AM they list those in hospital as: Essie Morgan (Marko), Dr. Woofenden, and Mrs. Lucille Merrell.???? They said Essie was to be operated on, Monday??????  The nite pot luck Thurs. of UMW didn't go over so hot!  Only 62 there compared to 80-some in the day time.  Too many stayed home for Lawrence Welk?  HA!  Had a big storm about 5 o'clock and electricity went off.  Maybe that had something to do with it.  Tried having a NITE meeting to get the working women out ..... but NO SOAP!  Didn't show anyway!

I should be soaking my shoulders ..... actually my neck is what's bothering me most now.  got the shot in the shoulder and that relieved the bursitus.  He said something about the disks???worn in my neck and pinches a nerve .... (like the day I had to come home from Hollywood ... remember?)  says nothing to help that but HEAT.  I'll be spending most of my time soaking in the tub.  HA!  At least I got my shoulder under control .... hopefully ..... I'm to go back to Dr. Hasanhuttl when I return from Holland.

Rob is singing in "Joseph and His Technicolor Dreamcoat" at the black church (where Bill and I went that Sunday) in WPB at 4 o'clock.  Then on to church for special Mother's Day program at 7:30.  Nursery and Kindergarts will participate plus other classes.  Betty Harless is in charge so it should go off well.  Wish you were here to go with us.  Rob is in Bell choir and gives the prayer. I play 3 piano-organ numbers (we've practiced ONCE) and accompany the Wesly choir in three numbers.

Tomorrow I get my hair done and PACK.  Your bed is covered with items .... as I think of something it's layed out .... film, Sanka, Cremora, T.T., coap, Field's Currency guide, tourist lit ...... we're trying to go LIGHT .....taking two small grips and the tote bag!  Really EXCITED ..... Cris's boss called us yesterday morning from Cincinnati.  GOOD ENGLISH.  He's quite impressed with Cris and wants to meet us in Holland.  He's going on to Boston and Austria before returning to Vlaardingen .... he'll arrive the Thurs. before we do on Friday.  We're planning to be with Cris Friday night sometime if our plans jive.  Will try to mail you cards along the way .... I'm letting Bill worry about the money exchange.  HA! MACKEY ..... are we ready for you?????  But according to the travel books Bahama Int, Icelandic is a sure cheap bet for people living in southern U.SA.  Pay no AIR TAX! So we're going as cheaply as possible.  I'll be glad to get off that 'dinky' plane from WPB to Nassau.  Lv there for Lux about 8:30 PM

[written on top corner:] Put with R's ltr, Save postage, Ha!  I had the – [letter?] you sent for Joe – Postal Series - accidentally went to P.O. on issue day!!!

[written on left margin:] Thanks so much for check!  Don't deserve It!  Stay well!  Come South w/Harold in June!  Love, Mary, Bill & All
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