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1973 Roberta's Letter - May 20

 May 20, 1973

Dear Family –

Hi!  Thanks for your letter written this last Thursday – also for the check.  I've applied to Florida Atlantic and should find out by May 25th if I'm accepted for their summer quarter.  I'm hoping just to take 1 course during the summer.  I'll let you know as soon as I find out anything definite.

I worked again today – you would never believe how empty the store is on Sundays.  I really don't see how it pays to stay open.  I guess during the winter season it's alot busier - but not now!!

I've been studying my Math - tonight   Our 1st test is tomorrow night!  Yesterday I sen to the library and got some books out on Modern Math.  For tomorrow we had to do several problems in Mod 5 - a math system w/ 5 numbers (0, 1, 2, 3, & 4) I didn't get it at all at first - but now I think I do – like 2+2=4; but 2+3=0 [wouldn't that be 10?], 3+4=2[12], and 4+1=0[10]!!!  This Modern Math is something else!!

We haven't heard yet from Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill - but should before too long!  Rob & I are getting along fine – and by the way - I'm still on my diet.  My dresses are beginning to get a little bit looser. (sp?)

Mom – I'm glad you got the dress all-right.

I guess you all knew that I had taken a physical w/Grandma's doctor here in Lake Worth some weeks ago.  His nurse called me this last week & told me that my blood tests showed that I'm slightly anemic.  So now I've got these iron - vitamin pills to take 3 times a day!  I guess all of this comes along w/ my old age!!  (HA!)

Gee - won't be too long now till Serena's graduation!  Are you planning o serving supper to all those people?  WOW!  I'll bet thinking about you - Friday is my day off this week!!

The weather here has been cool - down in the low 80's.  You should hear the Floridians complain!!

John – when will you get your God & country Reward –

Mary V – are you planning on staying here in June or July when ever you all come.  Maybe we'll be able to get to Disney World one day!!

I better be getting to bed - I've got to be at work early tomorrow – 9:40.  (Ho, Hum!)  Just work til 4:00 since I have my class tomorrow night.

Thanks again for the check - it will be put to good use – My Education – !  I'm bound to have my degree by 1975 - ok - that might be rushing it!  (HA!)

Love, Berts
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