Sunday, August 14, 2016

1996 Zook letter – Aug. 5

Dear Uibles,

We enjoyed hearing from you.  Yes we are still in the land of the living!  We don't seem to stay as fit physically as all you sturdy Uibles, but in general do OK and definitely still walk.  Marge's second back surgery makes that possible.  We stay busy mostly volunteering for lifeline which keeps us moving around in about a 50 mile radius.

We were in Ohio finally in early July.  We really wanted to detour through New Vienna but were meeting with Mary's family and with Sandi (who has recently moved to Columbus) for a sort of nostalgic visit to Toledo and Cleveland so missed the trek to your fair hamlet.  Oddly enough, Marge and I are planning (90% sure) a trip to Alberta and the National Parks there at the end of the month or first week in September.  Will fly to Calgary.

Our extended family is much smaller than yours, but the last two weeks all three of our girls got together at the same time for the first time in 8 years.  We had a house full – especially in this small retirement house.  However, we are prepared and have ample room for a visit from the Uibles the next time you come within hailing distance of Johnson City.  In spite of our never seeming to makie it to New Vienna, we would greatly enjoy seeing you.

You are right in saying that we have much to be thankful for that we take for granted and I guess getting older makes you more aware of this.

Give our best to all your children – and we will see each other again in one way or another.

Linn & Marge

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