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1966 Jean's Letter to Catherine -Aug.7

 August 7, 1966
Dearest Catherine,

It is now Sunday and we got home from the wedding yesterday.  We drove up Friday stopping at Glendale, W. Va. to see Sarah and Chauncey Hinerman for lunch that day.  Then on to Pittsburgh where we met Virginia & the bridal party outside the church at 7PM and on to Fox Chapel Golf Club where Tom Walkley (groom)'s parents were holding the rehearsal dinner.  It was WAY on the other side of the city – so we didn't eat til about 9:00 by the time everyone got there.  It was a delicious dinner – will tell you more about it when we see you.  We stayed at a motel not too far from Virginia's and the church.

The wedding was at 10:00 Sat. morning so didn't have time to do much of anything – didn't even want any breakfast after the huge meal of the night before – including turtle soup, no less.

It was a beautiful but very small wedding in St. Bernard's Catholic Church in Mt. Lebanon.  Maureen was a junior bridesmaid and Sarah the matron of honor.  – the only feminine attendants.  Tom's brother, Buzz, was his best man and Joe and Tom Dailey were the ushers.

Mary Ellen looked beautiful in long white gown with big train and all.  It was the first Catholic wedding I ever really remember attending and sorry the rest of the family couldn't be there too.  Maureen and Sarah both wore long blue gowns – Virginia wore a pale pink and white suit and Mrs. Walkley a pale green – both very pretty.  I felt real bad though for couldn't help thinking how much Mary Ellen's father would have enjoyed everything.  Bill (Freeman) walked down the aisle with her, shook hands with the groom and that ended his part of the ceremony – unlike the Protestant where the minister asks who is giving the bride away.

The ceremony lasted almost an hour so then we went down town to the Duquesne Club – another exclusive place for another big meal.  And that all lasted until 2:00 P.M. by the time Mary Ellen and Tom left (no one is supposed to leave until the bride and groom have let).  They were going to Cape Cod but would only drive as far as Hershey that evening.  Do you remember that big Hotel Hershey up on the hill – Spanish architecture.

We brought Joe and Tommy back with us – we picked up their suitcase before the wedding so we could leave from the Duquesne Club but Tommy hadn't put in half of his things so we had to go back to Morrison Drive after all and finally got home about 8:30 last night.  Wilma and Kevin stayed with the family here.

They hadn't gotten any mail so found your card and letter today at the shop as well as a letter from Mrs. Kuntzman.  – Very welcome pleasure for Sunday afternoon.  We are sorry Dave will not be coming back with us for we had been looking forward to have him visit here for a couple days if he could.  And Carol won't be coming either – we wouldn't have minded taking her home even if it wasn't right on our way.  Haven't heard anymore about the Horton's arrival but if they don't get in until Friday evening won't plan it at all.

I am writing this with the typewriter on my lap and find that it begins to get both warm and heavy after a while.

We went to Blanchester this afternoon with plans of going in their pool for it was open house there today and next Sunday but only members are allowed in the pool.  Mr. and Mrs. Roy Myers were both  there along with David and said we could go in on their membership but it was $1 for over 12 and 50¢ under so would have cost us $5 – Roberta stayed home with Mary Virginia as she was still taking her nap.  We ended up over at the J-R.  There were quite a few when we got there but had really thinned out by 5:45 when we were leaving.

Daddy says to tell you that we will call you between 4:30 and 5:00 Friday afternoon depending on what time we get in – or earlier we will just take a chance on finding you near your room.  Don't wait around if you have other plans and we will definitely call by 5:00.  The dinner is at 5:30 isn't it?  Serena has been invited to go back to Pittsburgh with Joe and Tommy but we don't know whether she will go for sure.  She hates to miss the trip to Carbondale and seeing you and all but time will tell.  I think the boys will go back Wednesday as I have to work at the Producer's Livestock Sale the next day.  There is a bus they can take from Wilmington at 6:40 AM that goes to Pittsburgh without changing but there is a layover of over an hour in Columbus (for breakfast and freshing up no doubt).  Neither of them have been on a train and they are hoping to take a train home.

The fair opened this evening with the annual 4-H barbecue and church services.  Joe is planning to work tomorrow for Tom McMillan.  Daddy is getting Dick Terrell to take his place and also Granddaddy's.

Tom thought we had plenty of church today for he went to mass with Joe and then came up to our church for services plus the hour mass yesterday.  We had told him we would go tonite but hadn't really planed on it.

The reason I addressed your letter to Susan B. Anthony was your return address of your last letter had that name in the corner c/o C. Uible.  Did you not write that?

Glad you got to see some of St. Louis on your own plus the conducted tour by John Paul.  I'm wondering about your trip with five boys plus your solo walk around the arch area.  I had thought there was to be another couple going with you.

I am enclosing a clipping about John Hiestand which was in the Hillsboro paper but please save it as I am sure the Hortons would be interested in seeing it.

They had a Sr. MYF planning meeting the other night – I guess without Mr. Perry but they are going to have a picnic down at Pike Lake for members and family on Aug. 21.  Greg Linkhart called about you attending the meeting of the officers and Roberta told him you were at College so he wanted your telephone number there thinking you were at Wilmington, I guess.  He was surprised to learn you were clear out in Illinois.

No doubt this will be the last letter to you at SIU unless you decide to use the scholarship there that you just might receive but we are rooting for Carol if she wants to go there.

And now it is only six more days till we see you.  Daddy says to tell you that there was an article on St. Louis in the Oct. (or Nov.) 1965 issue of the National Geographic.  We do have it here in case you are too busy this week to look it up.  Hope you finished your paper ok – I'd enjoy reading it if you made a carbon copy or get it back.

All our very best love and XXXXXXXXXXX

Mother and 
Daddy & all

P.S.  We also forgot to tell you that you are one of the 2 captains of the Rally Day Attendance Contest which runs during Sept.  Greg L. is other one.

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