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1986 Roberta's Letter -Aug. 4

8/4 3:00 AM or 8/5?
Dear Folks,

According to my memory – you all leave for NYC this AM – so welcome back by the time you get this.

It would work out great for me to come to Ohio the end of Sept. – I'll plan on being gone about 10 days.  Just let me know your plans – I may try to come in the same airport /same day (as you all) or perhaps a day or 2 earlier.

I'd really like for Grandma to come back with me & stay AT LEAST 2-3 weeks with us.  Id'd appreciate it if you folks could talk this up with her.

I'd just like to be able to take advantage of the lowest air-fare rates – so need to have firm dates in mind – so I can make reservations 30 days in advance.

Then need to check with Marianne – and when it might be convenient for a visit.  This is my year to 'visit' w/ Horton cousins – having seen Rob & Cindy in FLA, Cris & Angela in Ohio & Joe in Arizona.

We got the nicest letter from Joe.  I'll have to take it to Colorado w/ me for Sid to read.

Sid has had a great trip – Albuquerque NM 1st night, Colorado Springs 2nd night.  Very happy about the new truck – 10 miles per gallon!  Also very happy about this summer's gas prices – 65¢ gallon for diesel cheapest & 88¢ most expensive on the road.  Now he is talking about the possibility of driving back to South Bend this fall.

Sid doesn't mind the driving – nor does he mind driving alone – actually I think he prefers it.  (esp as compared to traveling w/ two 8-year-olds as in this summer going to Las Vegas!)

I'm looking forward to going to Estes Park – Cynthia will be there – just got in today to Denver.  But the majority of Sid's brother's family won't be in till Sunday Afternoon. (8/10).  So thankful we will have a few quiet days before that!  Sara & J.M. are to arrive 8/12.  They will be coming back to Arizona with Sid about the 24th – via Yellowstone.  Hard to believe – by the time you all read this it will all be history.

One of our residents (Rose Burns) died here last week.  I attended her funeral on Friday.  I don't mind spending my time nor my $ to come back this fall.   Rose had been at Sr. Village three years.  She had 7 grandchildren & all of them were at the funeral.  Only 3 of them had been to Sr. Village.  Out of the other 4 – 1 lived in Flagstaff.

I just wish Grandma would come back with me.  I'm fortunate to have a job w/ flexible hours & a very very helpful husband – who would love to cook – etc. for Grandma.  The Living Room makes an excellent bed-room for Grandma & with the rental of a potty chair we are all set-up.  Talk it up!!

Did you notice the time I started this – now almost 3:45 so I'm going to try to sleep in a little more.  Got up at 2:00 A.M. due to S.V. resident who couldn't sleep – wanted to know what to do.  I told her (after apx 15 minutes) to go ahead & get up – write a letter or read & when she is sleepy go back to bed.

I'll nap by the pool this afternoon.

I've read 2 books since Saturday – Indian Summer of the Heart – excellent – about Quakers.  also Joanna's Husband & David's Wife by Eliz. Forsythe Hailey – gal who wrote A Woman of Independent Means.  I do most of my reading on the exercise bike – yesterday did 60 miles, 25 in AM & 35 in evening – that's not bad – considering the tension is pretty high on the bike.  I'm in training for Long's Peak.  Did 50 miles total both Saturday and Sunday!

We plan to do Long's Peak on the 14th.  Sid & Cynthia will be doing lots of short hikes this week.

Lois Bruce has a B'Day the 15th of August.  Oops – history by the time you read this!  Just now tried to call you all – but take it you are on your way to NYC.

Did you see Joe – Rob & Cindy?

Much Love,

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