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1966 HH's letter to Catherine -July 27

July 27, 1966

Dear Catherine:

Hope you have recovered from your weekend visitor.  I think Roberta is still catching up on her sleep. It does seem lonesome around home with Serena also gone this week to camp.

Yesterday evening we went to the lamb barbecue at the Fairgrounds which was especially good.  Besides lamb they had potatoes with cheese, green beans, cole slaw, beverage, ice cream and brownies.  I went back to Wilmington to the County Bd. of Education meeting where we had a man from Columbus talk on vocational schools -- who was quite windy.

Large supply of books have come in at School and your Mother has been over there working away.  We had a laugh that someone over there was telling your Mother about those Wilmington lawyers he had experience with etc., not knowing what her husband's occupation was.

Foxes put up a "For Sale" sign on their house today.  Mrs. Smith is getting her house all fixed up.  Pete Demas was returning home from his Daughter's home (near Dayton) and I understand blacked out running off the road and an artery was cut causing quite a loss of blood.  Guess he is in bad shape.

John jumped off the low diving board at the J-R yesterday.  He really takes to the water.  Said in his swimming lesson today they had them all swim 30 feet, on which he went beyond.  He has been reading -- he has his own library card to the bookmobile.  Books on Henry Ford, Oliver Wendell Holmes and his favorite, Abe Lincoln.

[Grand]Dad had their first corn last night, we should have some soon.  We did beat them on tomatoes.  Can have some fried tomatoes when you return home.

That McDonald (sp) Aircraft in St. Louis is a huge place.  One of our customers in St. Louis told me what high salaries they pay that he can't compete


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