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1966 Jean's letter to Catherine -July 24

July 24, 1966
Dearest Catherine,

Roberta has no doubt come and gone by now and we are looking forward to hearing all about her trip when she arrives home tomorrow morning. . . which incidentally is just five months until Christmas.

Daddy brought home a rather unusual letter addressed to Jacks Saturday which he just found lying on Granddaddy's desk from a David Roeltgen.  It said enclosure but didn't see it.  I wondered if he sent for the rules or if he is waiting til the extravagant lad saves up a dime.  It was real clever and we got a kick out of it.  Thought you were just kidding when you said we might receive a Jack letter – thought you might be referring to your acquisition of envelopes.

After putting Roberta on the train Friday morning we drove out to North Bend – a suburb of Cincinnati where we saw William Henry Harrison's tomb – a small but very pretty place located up on a lovely knoll facing the Oho River.  You can walk right into the tomb which is at the base of a tall shaft of a memorial.  We were already to leave there when the key ring fell apart and the key to the ignition went under the seat.  After almost a fruitless half hour we were able to extricate it but found out that the front seat is definitely not removable without taking out the bolts.  We did about 45 minutes shopping after having lunch at the Colonnade and then on to Swallens and home – all off us quite tired.

Last night Daddy and I went to see the third of the summer series of plays at Wilmington College – "Visit from a Small Planet" with Wilma and her friend, Dan Mayham (spelling?) from Williamsburg, Ohio.  He is very nice but just doesn't seem quite her type.  Perhaps I told you that he has a son entering Ohio State this fall to be a veterinarian and a sixteen year old daughter – They were all up at her house for dinner today on the latter's way to 4-H camp near Clarksville.  Mrs. Mayham was killed in an auto accident some time ago.

Weegie and Wayne and Lynette Hodson and ? sat directly behind us and Stan Fawley and ? Georges a few rows in front.  We stopped at the Mel-o-Dee afterwards and Charlie Collier was there in wild plaid shorts with a girl (we didn't know her).

We got your letter Saturday morning and sounds like you are having to take plenty of tests.  We haven't heard too much about computing so it must not be too difficult.

After Serena left with Rev. Beers for Camp Cartwright we took John, Kevin and Mary Virginia over to Sabina to the open house for the new pool.  It is real nice – the same size and shape as the J-R but perhaps a little nicer.  We talked to Janet Klingensmith and her father and met the other children – Judy is working in Foster's this summer and has a part time job at Miami this coming year – either in the dining room or with Mr. Kettlewell.  We also saw your very good friend Rita Ann Thomas there.  Mr. Lawhorn is the manager of the pool and Lynette Hodson was working at the concessions stand today.  They had a nice crowd there but not as many as I had imagined might have come if the weather had not been so rainy beforehand.  Afterwards we drove down to the intersection of Rts. 22 and 729 and saw where the Baileys and Klingensmiths live in one of those circle drives of new houses.  The latter's home is especially pretty.  Hoopers, Fosters  also live in that new subdivision.

Mr. Frank Achor, widower of Lizzie Achor died this past week.  Mrs. Wilson hasn't been at all well and so she went to the doctor and he won't let her work anymore – almost complete rest for two weeks (had wanted her to go to the hospital for a week).  Grandma has Jennalou Noble taking her place if all works out.

The latest news on the Hortons is that they are taking three weeks stopping off first at Duke University Hospital where Cris is to take a series of allergy tests then on to Chautauqua and then here about the 13th.  But I doubt if they stay too long for that is their third week and Uncle Bill will want to rush back.

Daddy wrote to the Holiday Inn about the change of reservation dates but has not heard anything yet.  You might check up by telephoning them to be sure we have a place to stay – a room with 2 double beds in the back for the last time was awful noisy right near some air compressor or air conditioning plant or something.

We saw Hugh Heiland's television program yesterday (it's now Monday - 10:30 A.M.)  – Summer Scene about Summer Theaters in the area.  They did a scene from "Of Mice and Men" which is EC's next production and another theater group did a scene from the Marriage Go-Round.  This is all on Dayton, channel 2 at 12:30 Sunday afternoon and may be given later at night too.

Just finished this paragraph I started yesterday.  The train arrived right on time and Roberta had to get off between it and a couple of boxcars that were on the siding.  She enjoyed her visit very much – not too anxious to go by train again though.

Boy, was I embarrassed for Wilma found the first page of the letter with Dan's name at the top of the page and between her and Roberta she found out what I had written about them.  You could hear me screaming for blocks when Roberta was reading the part in which she was interested.

I don't know how accurate Roberta's description of Dave was but she thought he looked like Freeman (now known as Bill) Dailey and talked like Tommy D.  Also said he reminds her now of David Myers.  Sounds real OK to us.  And if he doesn't mind being crowded in at the last moment he is welcome to come part way home with us.  We haven't decided whether to bring Mary Virginia yet and guess Roberta will go to camp (Sabina) the Sunday we are to come back.  By the way we have an invitation to Linda Hughes's wedding which is Aug. 14 so Roberta may be the only one that makes it.  There is to be a shower for her this Saturday given by Harriet and Pamela West.

So glad to get your letter and it looks like Roberta went out there the best weekend for know she would rather see Carbondale than St. Louis.  The picture helps to identify many of the people you have mentioned in your letters or that we met the first Sunday.  John keeps threatening to write Dave a letter – just brotherly interest in you I guess.

By the way, that lecture on productivity is fine up to a certain point but 20 hours is going over the deep end.  Sounds like you took him seriously if you only got 4 hours sleep Saturday night.  Just don't take Dave too seriously.

That test must have been horrible – glad I'm not under such pressures and have to take such tests.  In the first place – I wouldn't be smart enough to be an NSF student.

John found an article about this water strider in the July issue of the Ford magazine and wanted to know if that's what they use in New Jersey.

Say, we stopped at a Volkswagen dealer and I actually got the little thing in reverse so there is a possibility we may trade in the old Chrysler someday?  It had a sun roof which fascinated John and Serena so we started negotiations with Mr. Dennis (Max's brother that married Linda Hiestand).

Hi, there, Catherine.  This is your Father.  We can bring back your bike, but will bring a wrench so that we can make it more compact than when we took it out.  Granddad said the jack letter from SIU had no return address, so we are enclosing a couple of folders for you to deliver personally.  Serena got off yesterday to Camp, she had a list from A to Z of things to take with her.  The latest word from the Hortons is that they will arrive here around 8/13, but as Grandma said their plans are subject to change.

Had card from the Fenwicks who are up in Maine vacationing.  Said it was so crowded that it was difficult to find a place to park. Picked two tomatoes yesterday.




Love from all,
The family

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