Saturday, August 06, 2016

1976 Roberta's postcards - July 27

Hi – Thanks for your letter and pictures.  The time you are coming is fine – we have made your reservations for  4  – glad that Ruth is coming.

Went into NYC this AM – less than 3 hours round trip.  Now at hospital w/ woman – tonight slow – just 3 buses to meet!

Hot & Humid here – must be really bad in the city.

Love, Berta

July 27, 1976

Hi – thanks for your card.  Happy you made it home safely.  After you left so many people said they were sorry that they did not get to say good-bye – that you left without seeing them.

I'm busy as usual – 2 trips to the hospital already this week – and it's only Tuesday.  Last Friday I took a woman in who had had a light stroke!

I'll be driving into New York City again this Friday – 8 seniors going home & 7 new coming back with me.

We enjoyed having you here – anxious to hear about Mary V's time & Mom & Dad's.

J.B. still selling lots of shirts – We're both fine.

Love, Berta

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