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1986 Family Letter -Aug.31

August 31, 1986

Dear Family:

Someone said, "If you want to get letters one has to write some."  Grandma always appreciates mail, but says that her hands just don't let her write very well.  She seems to hear well on the phone when only one person is on the other end.  She is planning to have the annual Sunday School Class meeting on Sept. 25th.

M.V. got moved into the college dorm a week ago yesterday . . . we were thankful for the elevator as she is on the 4th floor.  She came back from Europe more enthused than we anticipated.  She is going to have the program for the Lions Club this Wednesday.  She will be in a Madrigal program on 12/5 and 12/6 and also a week later.  Hopefully Carol and John could make it down for one of those weekends.

John survived the two week program at NW Univ. in Evanston and Carol joined him the 2nd week.  They did get to see Serena and imagine their experience there will make them appreciate life in Newark more.

Serena was accepted at the Univ. of Indiana Library School and plans to start there early in 1987.  She goes to the Doctor again this Wednesday and hopes to get the cast off then.

Roberta arrives 9/23 for eight days and plans to take a bike ride part of that time.  After her schedule firms hopefully she, M.V. and Carol and John can get together.  Roberta is going all out for bike riding.

Catherine tells us that a deer ruined their garden.  There are four of them who are now car pooling to Moscow, Idaho, so that is a big help to her.  Keep your fingers crossed for her current dental experiences.

Thursday we had a "farewell party" for Esther who had been at Wells for 22 years.  Got more favorable comments on that than when the employees got a raise.  We will definitely miss her.

Yes, we had a great time in NYC at the ABA meeting . . . from having a fun run in Central Park to eating at a nice restaurant (and also a not so nice restaurant as far as atmosphere) with Joe.  Going to Atlantic City was a once is enough experience.  Going square dancing that evening is much more to our tastes than gambling.

Dad has about covered everything in the letter but will add a note.  G'ma, MV were both here for dinner today.  Had some left over beef from the lunch that was catered for Wells – from the Wooden Spoon.

Wendy starts to school Tuesday and is happy to be with her good friend, especially one that didn't move as originally planned.  Her birthday (#9) is coming up on Tuesday, Sept. 23.  Our school here started lat Monday for the students.  We have a new principal, Paul Grimm as Mr. Luck is now principal at Sabina.  Both seem to be working out real well.

[Love, etc.]

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