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1976 Catherine's Letter -July 25

Thursday evening
July 25, 1976
Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Thank you for your most recent letter which we received today.  I'm sure it probably came yesterday but we left before the mail came.  Glad to hear that you had a good trip.  We got your post card a few days ago.  We got a card from Grandma at Hudson Guild farm.  I will be writing her in a few days so that I will have something new to say besides what I write to you all.

We took Deedee camping last night.  We went to a private camp ground about 30 miles outside of San Diego, a little ways into the mountains but still pretty low.  They had a big swimming pool (20' x40') so we went swimming which she loves to do.  The campsites are fairly nice, we had a shaded one but the ground is hard as a rock.  We bent all of the tent stakes which we hadn't already bent on our way out here.  Deedee slept fine but Gerry and I could have used air mattresses.  I think we'll either buy air mattresses or foam pads before we go again.

We are also thinking of buying a sofa bed.  That seems like a practical piece of furniture to start out with.  The apartment is furnished but not with what you would call the highest quality of best appearing furniture.  We haven't spent any of your gift money yet but it is safely in the bank until we do decide what would best suit our purposes.

Gerry is working really hard at his job.  One of the other men in the parts department quit last week so the rest had to work harder to keep things going especially since the manager was gone to Chicago for the week.  He put in 9 hours of overtime including Saturday morning.  My job is going OK.  There sure is alot of paper work involved with moving and storage.  Especially with government shipments which there are quite a few of since there is navy, coast guard, and marines in San Diego.

Please keep the ashtray or dispose of it as you wish.  It certainly is not worth sending.

I tried calling the Bruces but didn't get any answer so yesterday I wrote them a short letter giving them our phone number so now perhaps we'll hear from them.  Have you heard from them since you wrote them when we were in New Vienna?

That dish with the eggplant sounds really good.  I really like eggplant.  We're going to try making eggplant parmesan sometime.  Send us the recipe for the moussaka if you try it and like it.  We've been eating about the same kind of things here that we ate in Maine.  I thought maybe stuff like lettuce & tomatoes would be cheaper but they seem to be about the same – at least in the grocery store.  Maybe at country roadside stands it is cheaper but we can't drive to the country every week to buy food.  I did see some fruit stands on our way to and from the campground where you could buy 10# of oranges for $1.00.

It takes about three days for a letter from NV to SD although we got the letter from Grandma in NJ in two days.  At any rate keep the mail coming we like to hear from you.

Sorry this letter is smudged – it is the erasable kind of paper and I put my arm on it while I was looking at the phone book – you should se the print on my arm!

There are quite a few Browns in the phone book – 12 under attorneys, but no C. William.  The closest is Wm. E. or Wm. Kilgore.

Catherine & Gerry

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