Monday, August 22, 2016

1986 Roberta's Letter -Aug.15

Dear Folks –

Hi!  I'm enjoying a leisurely afternoon – w/ the sun shining & cool breezes!  I attempted Long's Peak yesterday – but missed the summit by about 1/4 of a mile.  There was a terrible snow storm – I was prepared clothes wise but for my feet & hands.  It snowed so heavy you couldn't see & even the footsteps of those close-by were hard to find.

I kept going up – even tho everyone else was turning around & going back.  Finally 2 men insisted I turn around & head down w/ them.  (They too had not made it.)

Before I turned around my feet & hands were SO COLD! (gloves & shoes were SOAKED)

I had played w/ the idea of going back tonight – but now plan to go back Sunday.  Will attempt tomorrow to do Longs peak again.  Cynthia, Sara & some cousins did try today (it is a beautiful sunny day!) Too early yet for them to be back.  I left yesterday at 6:00 AM and Returned at 6:30 PM.

We attended Methodist Church last Sunday – about 50% guests & we all had to stand up & say where we are from.  Lots of travelers from Iowa, Missouri & Colorado!

Enjoyed having Mary Greene here – I think she enjoyed being her – meeting SID & all the KINGS.  I sure hope to get over to Taiwan to visit her – SOMEDAY!

We (Kings & I) stopped in 5&10¢ in Estes Park.  They sold Wells Paddleballs – told me he got them from (see 1/2 bag enclosed) – in Harlin, Iowa.

Tuesday it worked out for me to take Mary to the airport & p/u Sara & J.M. – only 3 hours apart.  I drove into downtown – stopped at library – it's HUGE – compared to PHX Main Library.  [New big main library in Phx opened in 1995.] Also stopped at a HUGE SPORTING Good Store – 5 stories high– each floor HUGE!

This would be a great place for a UIBLE get together.  [Which it was in 1994.]  Sid's brother & family in 2 different rental cabins.  Nice – tho nothing fancy.  Tho price right & averaged out $60 per person for week for them.  We have been eating suppers together – has worked out especialy well.  The 5 of us in trailer is NOT too crowded.

Hope NYC was a great trip – I'll call soon (esp. if I make it to summit of Long's Peak!)


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