Friday, August 26, 2016

1986 Roberta's letter to GHU -Aug.24

Dear Grandma,

I have gotten the message from both Mom & Dad that you won't be able to come to Arizona this October.

So . . . . I have made plans to come to Ohio.  I'll be arriving in Cincinnati on the 23rd & flying back on October 2nd.  That will let me be there 1 week – not counting the days I come & go.

Also that way I'll only have to take off 4 days – by working the weekend before & weekend after I get back (I like the flexibility of my job).

I have registered for a bike ride in West Milton, Ohio on the 27th.  That is near Dayton – actually the other side – near Greenville, Ohio.  I've been doing about 50-60 miles a day on the exercise bike – getting ready.  That is about 1 hour every morning & 1 hour at night.  Sid will be here tomorrow night  – his daughter Sara from Massachusetts & her son Johnathan have been traveling with him.  they were in Salt Lake city, Utah a few days ago.  Sid calls every other day.

He has been REAL PLEASED about the gas mileage – about 12 miles per gallon.  Last year with the old truck sometimes it was as low as 4 to 5 miles per gallon.  With gas prices being so low this is a great year to be out with the trailer!  We are going to go away the weekend of Sept. 13th – either to Northern Arizona or maybe to Tucson.

I don't think I told the folks that I'm back in College this fall – only taking 1 class on BICYCLING – Sid just laughs when I talk to him about it – that you get credit for such a class!  It will cover proper techniques, how to do repairs, etc.

I had a nice note from Ella & Cy Lippmann –– I had sent them several postcards from various trips & they thanked me & told us to stop in & see them.

OH!  As part of my bike class at school – the last weekend we will go on a 2 day – 120 mile bike ride!  Thank goodness it will be much cooler here in December!

While I'm on my exercise bike I'm able to read and / or watch T.V.  The time goes pretty fast!  It's got a book stand right on the bike – along with a light & a speaker for radio or television.  Sid fixed it all up for me.  I've also got a place to put a BIG DRINK – I'll have to get my picture taken on it sometime!

See you in a month!


P.S. – If you want to you can come to Arizona next year.

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