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1966 Jean's letter to Serena -July 27

July 27, 1966
Dearest Serena,

It seems like you have been gone such a long time and we really miss you around here but look forward to your getting home tomorrow.  I'm taking a chance that I will see Rev. Beers when he gets home today so that this will be delivered to you.  Nothing much has happened since you left and I had already written you about our Sunday activities.

Roberta got home safely and enjoyed her trip to Carbondale.  She met Dave and alot of the other students on the same program.  She stayed in the room next door to Catherine with a girl from Alabama so Roberta developed a quick southern accent.  When Catherine and Dave met her at the bus station Roberta asked where to get the taxi but they told her it wasn't far so they walked all the way from downtown to the campus!  At least they had some male assistance carrying the suitcase.  Roberta wore the heels way down on her shoes she had just had repaired so they must have done alot of walking.

Roberta also brought back a picture of the group that had been taken the week before so you can see who all Catherine has been talking about.

Mr. Demas blacked out (sort of fainted) while driving home from Dayton Monday and was in an accident and is now in the Kettering hospital in serious condition.  Miss Purtee's mother died yesterday.

I have been working at the school a couple hours each day for there are about ten big boxes of new books to unpack and get ready for circulation his fall – miss you to help me but Wilma and I worked together yesterday afternoon.  Daddy picked up the papers Tuesday afternoon and so they were all through by 4:30 and we went swimming.  I heard you all got to go swimming twice in one day the other day.  It sure feels good in this hot weather.  John has a big surprise for you about his swimming ability.  Mary Virginia and Mark swam in his little pool the other day.  If it was just a little bit bigger I would have been tempted to jump in.

Virginia was over here the other day to see you.  It must have been Monday and we told her that you had gone to camp so then she wanted to borrow your bicycle but we didn't loan it to her.

Mary Virginia now says – when we ask her where you are – "Camp" but someone asked her where Daddy was and she replied the same thing – guess we confused her about Mark's daddy going there too.

We got our slides back from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands that we had ordered so we will wait until you get back to have our first showing – providing we can borrow the church's projector or someone's.  They look real good by just holding them up to the light.

All our very best love 
and XXXXX, Daddy & Mother

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Serena said...

Wonder who Virginia is? I can think of several Virginias, but very few would have asked for me, let alone asked about borrowing my bicycle.

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