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1976 Catherine's Letter to GHU -July 27

July 27, 1976
5:25 P.M.
Dear Grandma,

Hi!  Thanks for your card (letter) from Hudson Guild Farm.  I am still at work right now but I thought I could at least get a letter started to you.  Gerry usually picks me up at 5:15 after he gets off work but it is so busy where he works that he has to work overtime.  One of his friends who lives near us is going to pick me up when he gets off work at about 5:45.

I usually crochet before and after work while I'm waiting for Gerry and during my lunch hour.  Just today I finished a centerpiece.  It's about 24" across.  It's a really nice white one but it will look better after I starch and press it.  Next I'm going to finish the curtain I started in Maine which won't take too long.  After that I'm going to try a pattern for a sweater.  It is amazing how much I can do putting in about an hour and a half a day.

My job is going pretty well.  They keep me pretty busy typing and doing other office type jobs.  I like the hours much better than I liked the hours in Maine.  At the library there I had to work until eight and I like working only until five.  I'd much rather start earlier and get done sooner.  Also I like not having to work on Saturdays.  Gerry has to work Saturday mornings sometimes but that gives me a chance to do the laundry and some cleaning up.

Is Joe back in the states yet?  I am hoping he will be able to get out here to see us.  Please tell him that if you are writing to the Hortons.  I know he has a good friend in San Francisco so maybe he will be able to do both – visit us and him that is.

July 31, 1976
On my way home the day I wrote the first part of this I left the letter in Frank's car so it took me awhile to get it back.

Also, Grandma, please send me your directions for cooking tongue.  I know you told me but I don't remember the details.

Say hello to everyone else for me.

Catherine & Gerry

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