Tuesday, August 23, 2016

1966 Roberta's Letter -Aug.16

[Postmarked Aug. 16, 1966 – Sabina, Ohio]

Dear Mom, Dad, Catherine, Serena, John, Mary Virginia and anyone else who reads this junky letter,

Hi!  Everyone  How is everything!  Dig this letter!  I called up Grandma's tonight spoke to Aunt Mary.  I guess she might come up.  Mrs. Beers came up tonight with Jeff & Mark.  It is now 1:30 in morning.  I is [sic]  a bit sleepy!  Excuse English please!

Alot of kids up here know Catherine and Cris.  Alot of kids from Greenfield and Milford know Catherine.

Shampoo spilled all over suitcase, a big mess.  Had to wash out several things ! ! !

Write Back

cause I sure don't want people thinking I am an orphan ?!

How do you like Dave?? ?

Doesn't he strike you funny.

Oh yes I forgot Myers David and Mike's parents wanted the papers stopped for good.

Boyle on vacation, the people that live behind Bartley.

Big bore up here.

People don't believe that I am Catherine's sister.

Mrs. Beers says she met Catherine, alot quieter or something of the sort was her comment.

Food is Terrible

almost as bad as school food but not quite?

I think I am getting sleepy!  I do believe I better go to bed it is now 2:15 we have to be quiet or councellor [sic] will wake up!  She went to bed at 1:00.  We wake up at 7:00 or suppose to!

Boy I thought Rev. Beers was bad driver with wife but ever worse without her.  I see what Serena means.  We got here in less than 10 minutes I think!

they decide we don't need to wear dresses for meals or nothing.  Big let-down cause I brought 4 skirts, 4 dresses.  I went to picnic with Beers Saturday alot of people was [sic] there.  Uncles, Aunts, cousins, grandmas you name it.  Then some guy by name of Dusty something gets up talks about how proud all the McKays and Collects should be cause they worked real hard.  I guess way back.  Well it is now 2:30 and unless I close pretty soon I will fall asleep!  I baby sat with Mark-Jeff Sunday afternoon no-pay type of job.  Lawful and christian duty I guess, can't think of anything else to say am sleepy don't expect this type of dumb, retarded, stupid old letter again.

Remember ME,
Roberta Uible

the unloved kid only a joke haven't gotten any mail sob sob nobody else has either

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