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1986 Catherine's Letter -Aug.30

Saturday 8-30-86
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Glad to hear you will be visiting us Sept. 25-27.  Wendy is especially excited that you will be hear [sic] near her birthday.  We're not sure what kind of celebration she will be having.  She had thought of having a slumber party but I don't think that will work too well with me working on Saturday.  Probably she will have some friends over after school on the 23rd and I will get off early that day.  I'm going to work on the 22nd to build up extra hours and I'l take all or part of that Saturday off that you are here if I can get somebody to trade with me.

We had a big thunderstorm here this morning and it has been raining for several hours.  First rain we've had in two months.  We're scheduled to play golf at 2:20 so hopefully it will clear up by then.

Will you be going to Velva-Sheen before your trip west?  Gerry is in need of some new shirts.  He wears the sport shirt type alot more than the T-shirts.  Do they still have that kind?  (Size Large)  Wendy seems to have plenty of shirts at the moment.  And I have a fair supply.

Gerry's busiest season is over as the farmers have finished harvesting.   They plow and plant in the fall but there isn't the same pressure as during harvest.

I've had a nice week off – Wendy and I made regular visits to the Colfax library.  It's nice to have a different library to visit while vacationing!  They (Colfax) are having their "grand opening" [following a renovation] on Oct. 12, although the building part has been finished for almost a year, the computerized circulation system is not yet operational, but hopefully will be by Oct. 12.

I got all my storytime ideas from that Iowa Library Assoc. booklet "Rainbows & Ice Cream."  Thanks again.  [Mom sent me all kinds of useful children's library material after I got the job in the youth dept. at the Moscow Library.]  The 3:30 storytime is new this fall due to library survey results which showed public desire for more school-age programs.

Time to go to the post office and pick up babysitter.  See you in a few weeks!

Catherine, Gerry
& Wendy

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