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1976 Catherine's Letter -Aug.8

August 8, 1976
Sunday evening
Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

We got your letter during the week but really haven't had too much sparetime since then to answer it.  It has also been sort of a quick weekend since Gerry had to work until 1:00 yesterday.  I went shopping with the wife of a guy who works with him (neither of us bought anything) but had a good time looking around.  We went to a really big mall where the big stores there were Sears and the May Co.  Then we met Gerry and her husband, Frank, at a Burger King near where they work for lunch.  Frank and Elma seem like a nice couple, they are both natives of Texas but he was in the navy here and they stayed (he's only been out of the navy 6 months.)

El Centro is about 100+ miles east of San Diego on the Arizona border. [not exactly – it's another 90 miles from El Centro to Arizona] Both La Mesa & El Cajon where you say the Browns used to live are near to us.  El Cajon is where Gerry works, it's about 10 miles from here and La Mesa is between here and there.

I wrote a letter to John and Roberta and got a post card back from John but I also have heard nothing from Roberta.  I got a letter from Grandma also this past week which I will answer in a few days.  I'm going to try fixing tongue after we go to the grocery store again which should be about Tuesday.

We took DeeDee to a place called Organ Power Wednesday night.  She'd been there before and talked us into going.  It's a pizza place but the big attraction is a huge Wurlitzer "one-man-orchestra-type" organ which a guy plays.  People can make requests and they played about three of our five requests.  The pizza was good too.  She stayed all night last night with us.  We didn't do too much except go swimming twice.  She gets a kick out of sleeping in a sleeping bag on the couch.

Gerry worked 54 hours this past week.  He doesn't much like working all that overtime so hopefully there won't be as much of it during the coming week.

You should have told me that the New Vienna church plate was for ornamental purposes only!  We had Frank & Elma over for dinner one night last week and we used that plate since we only have three other ones.  Then when I washed it half of the church disintegrated, it didn't look too good with a big hole in the middle of it, so I had to scrub the rest of it off.  I felt pretty bad about it but that's the way it goes I guess.

Well, have a good week!

Catherine & Gerry

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