Thursday, August 04, 2016

1976 GHU note from Hudson Guild -July 18

5 o'clock Sun. [July 18?, 1976]

After dinner Roberta took me for a ride & sight seeing in the W. chair & afterwards we called Cris thinking it would nice for him & M. to come down next week end on Sat. afternoon & stay until Sun. after dinner.  R. said M. can room with her & Cris with John.  We were fortunate to find Cris at home he had started to make a rhubarb pie from canned R & he said it was so watery he wondered what do do with it.  There are only 2 choices either thicken the liquid or drain it off.  He seemed to like the idea of coming down so we shall look forward to their visit.  R. thought the drive could be made in 3 and a half hours & she is sending him a map showing the way to come.

We had a big dinner of fried chicken, baked potato, lettuce, gravy, salad, corn  & ice cream tea or coffee.  R & I went down to see Joh's cozy corner & he was busy while we were there.  You need  2  good legs at this place for it is up and down slopes & can see into high hills.  The steps are every where.  Roberta & a girl went to service but she said too many stairs for Grandma.

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