Sunday, August 28, 2016

1976 Roberta's Letter -Aug.28

August 28, 1976
Dear Family, (Tennis Pros)

Hi – Today is "carnival" day – John will be selling hot dogs / hamburgers – etc. out in the main house lawn.  Louise will be telling fortunes w/ crystal ball.  And I've got 3 buses to meet –– etc. ––

Yesterday was my last trip into the city – the van refused to start right in front of the senior citizen center w/ 6 seniors in it!  I got 4 boys to push & we were soon off & running!

I've heard from Mary – we're still planning to head West on the 7th.  So the USA map Dad gave me is coming in handy.  I have a problem though – as I want to visit both the North West and South West.  I'm sorry that I'll have such a little time at home – but as I said – Mary has to be in school by the 13th – so the days are numbered.

Big crowd here now – till Labor Day things will be jumping.

Got the short in the starter (VAN) fixed 1 more time – hope last time necessary!

Thanks for your letter!

Love, Berta

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