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1966 Jean's Letter to Catherine -July 27

Thursday –
July 27, 1966
Dearest Catherine,

The weather here is HOT again so sure you must be having more of the same.  We have been swimming everyday since Sunday (Roberta has only gone twice).  John has become quite adept at learning to swim this summer and has a surprise for you to see.  Roberta said you had a bad sunburn so hope you are feeling more comfortable by now.

Aunt Virginia called yesterday and we (Daddy & I) are invited to the rehearsal dinner Friday evening º Aug. 5 so probably Wilma will stay here with Kevin and the rest of our family – they had planned on going but didn't seem to mind if the Croghans stayed here instead.  Perhaps we will bring back one of the children with us – Dailey children that is.

Did Daddy tell you that Rev. Kuntzman fell and knocked his arm out of the socket.  He has to wear it in a sling for a month but came close to breaking his neck – fell down the stairway, we think.  They went to Camp Cartwright but guess Al (alias Rennie) would have to help his father with the boys.  He (Al) was to have gone to Boy Scout camp but lost interest when found the Lloyd boys weren't going plus his father's misfortune.

Daddy said that Mr. Demas is in serious condition at Kettering Hospital – blacked out while driving home from his daughter's.

Aleda Purtee's mother passed away yesterday.  So Aleda is left all by herself now.  Too bad but she had devoted her life to her parents so now – if it isn't too late – she needs to enjoy life herself.

Rev. Beers was called back for a funeral today for a Mr. Richardson of the Auburn community.  He (Mr. R.) is to be buried in Dayton so he won't have too far to return to Camp Cartwright (Rev. B that is).

We went to the lamb barbecue at the fairgrounds last Tuesday – it made a real full day for Daddy for he had been to Wilmington on business, came home with the papers and as soon as they were delivered we went swimming and on to the barbecue and after he brought us home he had to return for the county school board meeting.  The worst part of it was the the barbecue began at 6:30 and they were late in starting to serve.  It was delicious though – the rest of the meal was catered by the Moffats – wish you could have been here to enjoy it too.

I've been working over at the school a couple of hours each day this week as there are about 10  big boxes to get ready for circulation.  After getting a good start on one of the boxes realized that it was labed for Holly, Michigan school so don't know what they will want to do about it now.  Wilma and I worked together yesterday afternoon.  See what you might be doing if you were home.  We really do miss you VERY MUCH and counting the days until you return.  Not just to help with the books either.

Mary Virginia, when asked where you are, says:  "College" and what you are doing "Studying."  She told someone Roberta went out on her "bike" to see you.  She has a wonderful memory and though she doesn't talk in sentences yet does say alot more.  "Gracious" and "Special" are a few of her favorite expressions.

I found the article enclosed perhaps a little late to do you any good but thought I would include it anyway.  Looking forward to seeing you a week from tomorrow – sooner by the time you get this.

All our very best love & XXXXXXXX
Mother & Daddy

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