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1966 Jean's letter to Catherine -August 2

August 2, 1966
Dearest Catherine,

We got your letter yesterday and hope all went well on your trip to St. Louis.  You had enough problems just trying to get there.  It was good to talk to you Thursday evening on the phone.  You brought us so many things I don't know whether I can remember them all or not now.

Daddy thinks it would be fine to stay in the dorm – quite an experience for John and Serena.  I am a bit leery if we would have to furnish bed linens and wonder about the quietness the last night.  Just don't cancel our Holiday Inn reservations yet anyway.

We should have room for Carol and could even manage your bike if you really want to bring it back – no doubt it is a sentimental attachment for it wasn't in the best of shape when we got it.

Granddaddy said that he hadn't any address to send the jack rules but evidently he had filled it without realizing it.  Daddy can tell you the best way for Dave to get back home if he is able to ride part of the way or he is welcome to visit us in New Vienna for a few days.  No doubt his parens are anxious to have him at home too, though so anything that works out best for all concerned is fine with us.

We took Serena to Columbus yesterday (just Mary Virginia, Serena & I went) for her monthly check-up with Dr. Hull's office.  Our next appointment is Aug. 29 and Dr. Kioursis thinks she needs an upper brace.  We got M.V. a pair of shoes at Gilbert's for next winter and Serena got a pair of PF's for $1.84 as they were having a sale on canvas shoes – it's quite a place.  After waiting a good ten minutes for our clerk to come back, he finally appeared and said I'll get you another clerk as this is my first day here and I can't find anything.

Last night we had a meeting here to plan the program for the Enright Circle for the coming year – Hilda Williams is the new chairman and Carolyn Thornburg, Irene Puckett and Wilma Croghan were on the committee.

The shower for Linda Hughes out at the Wests was very nice.  I sat beside Weegie.  We were given tissue paper, scotch tape and pins and had to make a wedding dress for Linda.  Another game was to see how many different words we could get under each of the letters of h-o-n-e-y-m-o-o-n.  The o's were the hardest - Ethel King had 106 all together but I had 96 so did't feel so bad.  Linda got alot of beautiful things.

We had thought the ball game was Saturday but evidently it was Sunday for you mention missing Sunday School.  Or did you figure you would be just that worn out?  It was a coincidence you mentioning it would be the first Sunday that you had missed in 3 years.  Mrs. Drake asked Daddy if you were attending out there for she said if so you would be eligible for your attendance pin.

Sunday night was the Redeemer's Picnic out at Williams pond.  They have a beautiful spot there.  It was the first time I had ever been out there.  There were only five families there – 23 altogether but we had a good time.  The Eatons were co-hosts and they had just gotten back from St. Louis where Joe's uncle is quite sick.  The Walkers minus Patty and Nancy were there and the Beers family.  It was their 3rd picnic that day as Auburn and Felicity had had ones earlier in the day which they managed to attend.

Mrs. Ella Ryan passed away on Sunday morning and is to be buried today.  She had been well – in fact had done everything to keep her husband, Joe, well for he has such poor health.  Leonard Shaw is a son by a previous marriage.  Knauffs have moved to Jack Carter's house so Roberta has to leave their paper at the station.  She had hoped she wouldn't have to be stopping there since Lee Bartleys are moving to Lloyds former home but now she has to deliver Knauffs there instead.  Mrs. Bartley is a sister to Charles Knauff and Mrs. Puckett.

Pete Demas seems to be coming along well now and may be home soon.  Mr. Doyle Wright collapsed in the doctor's office and is recuperating out at his daughter's, Dorothy Bernard.  Mr. Fred Deck is not at all good.  Your customers, the Paul Wilkinsons now are the parents of a daughter born Sunday or Monday.

Grandma looks for the Hortons this week but from all I've read doubt if they make it until the latter part of next week.  Roberta suggested we take Marianne out with us to pick you up but think we will have a carload coming back.

The Enright Circle has the next two Thursdays at the Producer's Livestock kitchen and Roberta and I are both working 10-3 shifts.  The second one is during the fair week so doubt if business is too rushing that day but have to prepare for them in case.  Roberta has laryngitis – both she and John had bad colds but Roberta is having a harder time getting over heres.  I gave them both hot lemonade the other night but neither one were sold on it like their oldest sister is.

Aitch told Roberta to tell you that he has missed your sugar cookies.  He asks about your frequently and last night gave us the delightful news that Friday's paper is to be 60 pages – 20 to a section.  I told him he could forget to leave them that night – no wonder the Aker boys were overwhelmed by them and delivered some the next day.  The Laymans have started getting the paper and Tom Greens may – they are getting it on a trial basis this week.  The bill is due to arrive today and we have a whale of alot of headlines to send back – with various people going on vacation, etc. they add up.  The Pinkertons who have been getting it in the door have three weeks piled up here so Roberta asked the other Mrs. Pinkerton the sister-in-law if they have been on vacation or what as we have not been notified to cancel them.

You may be surprised when your work on computers may come in handy.  Just knowledge of them is something for everything leans that way for the future.  Someone said they are going to get a computer among the new office equipment at the high school for the students to learn to use.  East Clinton may not be so backward.

I'll leave space for Daddy to add a line

All our very best love until we see you in just about eleven and a half days from now.  XXXXXX – Mother

Hi, this is your "fired" tomato friend.  The easiest way EAST is to get on the train at Greenfield or up at Xenia, or of course the plane from Columbus would be quicker.  If he has plenty of time the bus would be the best bet.  If the weather is not too hot think we will stay in Carbondale for S.S. before leaving.  Due to the hot weather and everything else going on doubt if we get to Washington this summer, at least at Christmas time would not be bothered by the heat.  Not sure yet just which week I will be going to Chicago this month.  See you next week.

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