Tuesday, May 13, 2014

2004 Roberta's email -May11

This email ties in with the Cleveland Library postcards viewed previously on the blog.

From: Roberta
To: Mom & Dad
Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2004
Subject: Thanks

Thanks for both your birthday card and note . . . . . and the check too!  Just two weeks ago we spent that much . . . . . almost to the penny on outfitting Patience's daughter bedroom.  The biggest "investment" was for the new mattress and box springs.  So for now I will say thanks for covering all those purchases, so you should feel good like we did as to helping them out.  Patience now has her LPN degree so she is working two days a week making fairly good $$$ which helps out their financial picture alot.  She needs to continue to be a full-time student due to her student visa.  Patience is working at the same nursing home that INEZ, the West Virginia lady that will turn 105 years old this week.  She was telling me the last time, she did hope to make it to 105, and then she wants no more birthdays.

Enjoy Cleveland . . . . . where are you staying?  What was the name of that neat Paint company bed and breakfast where we stayed?  I spoke to Marcia the stock lady, she was telling me about the bone disease that her daughter has.

We are headed down to the office, Friendship Office . . . . . I can't wait till someone else inherits those files.  Love, Roberta

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