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1974 Roberta's Letter -May15

May 15, 1974
Dear Family,

My!  Just looked at the calendar and realized that my first exam (juvenile delinquency) will be just two weeks from today and my other exam three weekds from today!!!  I've got things pretty much under control now since I'm all done with the criminal justice course . . . . . I gave my presentation and also handed in the paper last week even though the actual paper didn't have to be in till May 30th.  It's a good feeling to have it over with, I was in the first group to give their reports.  Now, I can go tomorrow and next week and simply sit back and listen to the others!!!!

I had a very nice birthday.  I appreciate the card, the money, and the phone call.  I hope you realize that the order I put things in is unimportant.  (ha)  I've been busy thinking just what I'll buy with all my money . . . . . . . you don't need to worry about it going to waste!!!

Today was the day that Rob and I were to go to Miami.  Well, he left on the bus this afternoon.  I called the bus station up yesterday for the first time to get all the information, etc.  That was when I found out that it takes four hours plus to get from W.P.B. to Miami by bus.  So, if I had gone I would have gotten down there about six tonight, and would have to have left Miami on the 12:20 but in order to get back here for my critical justice course which starts at six.  So I didn't think it was worth it -- just to be down there for that short amount of time.

I also changed my mind about taking the independent study this summer -- mainly because I found out Monday how much it would cost me.  If I feel so possessed (sp?) I could work on it this summer anyway, but I'm not registering for it.  It's sixteen dollars per hour (credit hour) which would be 80.00 then they stick on a part-time student fee.  Oh--when I got my registration packet I was classified as a senior--doesn't that have a good sound to it?????

I started to tell you all earlier that I got a B on the Social Psych test I took on Monday.  It was the lowest possible B you could get, but it was  a B--which I'm thankful for!!!

Mary Virginia your card came today--thanks--it was nice getting another card after my hard day at the office.  You know me well--I really liked all the pictures of the food!!!!!!

This Saturday Weight Watchers is having a seminar, I had planned on not going until last week when they gave me this big deal about not going.  Tonight I found out--by mistake--why they wanted me to ---you will never believe this but I'm to be one of the ones that is to be honored.  Isn't that a riot?  The seminar is to be at the Squire Inn--it's a new place out on Lake Worth Road and the Turnpike.  I've never been there.  It's supposed to start at 9:30 and last all day . . . . . we do get a free lunch!!!  Burdine's I think was a little put out about my missing work on a Saturday; but I don't feel too bad since I've never missed a Saturday unless I was on vacation.

I've been kinda put out with Burdine's myself.  One week they give us a little raise and then the next week they increase everything for us!!  We now have to pay 75¢ a day to park; 25¢ if you want a cup of tea or coffee with your lunch (I take my lunch always--or that would be more money out!  They wanted me to work four hours on Thursdays but I told them it wasn't worth my while; also they want you from eleven to three so that kills the day as far as going to the beach, etc. (unless you want to go right after breakfast or before dinner) I'm looking forward to working at the shop for the summer!!!

I was sorry to hear about Aunt Virginia--have you heard anything about her lately?  I'll try and send her a card.  I got a nice card and letter from Ruth Shoemaker.

I'm glad Betty Ann Walker is planning on going to Eastern Kentucky, I know she didn't want to go to U.C.  I wrote Nancy a letter a while back but haven't heard anything from her.

Well I know I'm running out of space so I better close, we go out tonight to pick up Mares.  I'm sure she will have the baggage!!!!!

Love, Berta

[P.S.] John --- Keep me Posted!!

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